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Straight Story: Moral investing

Chris Farrell and Tess Vigeland | Oct 5, 2007
Socially responsible investing is hot, hot, hot. And Chris Farrell says one of the best ways to invest responsibly is by putting your money into frontier markets.

Buzzword: Big bath

| Oct 5, 2007
Have you ever made bad news seem better by first making it seem worse? You should work for Wall Street.

To: Audience; Subject: No e-mail Fridays

Rico Gagliano | Oct 5, 2007
Today was the first of Intel's Zero E-Mail Fridays, when workers are supposed to take time to actually talk to each other -- face-to-face. Other companies have similar policies. The Marketplace Players think it might take some workers a while to adapt.
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So, economists, about the job numbers...

Steve Tripoli | Oct 5, 2007
What's it mean for the economy that 110,000 jobs were created last month and unemployment ticked up to 4.7%? Steve Tripoli asked economists for some clarity in the Labor Department figures. But, well, they're economists.
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GE's big move to compact flourescents

Sarah Gardner | Oct 5, 2007
General Electric is turning out the lights at seven of its incandescent light-bulb factories in the U.S., Brazil and Mexico. It's part of GE's campaign to get rid of slow-growing, low-margin businesses. Sarah Gardner reports.

Follow the rebounding CLO

Amy Scott | Oct 5, 2007
There are some signs the credit squeeze might be starting to turn around. Deutsche Bank says the market for a type of security known as CLOs appears to be on the rebound. What's a CLO and why should you care? Amy Scott explains.

Costa Rica faces divisive trade-pact vote

Dan Grech | Oct 5, 2007
Costa Ricans vote Sunday on whether to continue to participate in the Central American Free Trade Agreement with the United States. Opposition protesters have been in the streets for weeks. Dan Grech explains the issues with Kai Ryssdal.

Will work for beer

| Oct 5, 2007
Beer's not only a party drink, it's a commodity, too. Kate Golden discovered as much when a guest left a case of Bud Light behind at a party she threw.

Week on Wall Street

| Oct 5, 2007
Stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what happened on Wall Street this week and what may lie ahead.
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Funeral plan is a conversation starter

| Oct 5, 2007
Commentator Doug Cordell and his 90-year-old mother are planning for her funeral. It's her idea. Yet, they don't get very far. Somehow their talks meander to other things. And for Cordell, that's OK.