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Taking the temperature on Olympics greenwash

Dennis Markatos | Aug 19, 2008
This Olympics has been a special one. The accomplishments of Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Yang Wei & co. show us all what the human body can do...

Much more room for pets in China

| Aug 19, 2008
Keeping dogs and cats is no longer frowned upon in China, and that's fueling a lucrative new industry. Bill Marcus reports why some families are willing to spend thousands on their pets.

Sometimes, you must fly abroad

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Aug 19, 2008
Domestic air travel is expected to drop this Labor Day weekend from last year, but international travel is expected to rise slightly. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports this is partly due to logistics -- and business travel.
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Vioxx clinical study influenced by marketing

Melissa Kaplan | Aug 19, 2008
The painkiller Vioxx, which was found to double the risk of heart attack and stroke, has been off the market for nearly four years. This morning, a...

Brits are hitting their sporting stride

Stephen Beard | Aug 19, 2008
Since launched 14 years ago, England's National Lottery has poured $7 billion into sports. And Stephen Beard reports the investment is finally paying off at the Olympics through rowing, sailing, cycling and swimming.
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Chinese advertisers focus on the Web

| Aug 19, 2008
China now has the most Internet users in the world, and Olympic advertisers are taking advantage with a slew of online ads. But some marketers aren't so sure the aggressive ad campaigns work all the time. Lisa Chow reports.
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Air pollutants could cause lung cancer

Janet Babin | Aug 19, 2008
Scientists have identified a new group of air pollutants that can expose a person to 300 times more pollutants than smoking one cigarette. Janet Babin reports what can be done to avoid these toxins.
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We make fewer trips to Home Depot

Renita Jablonski | Aug 19, 2008
Home Depot has been trying to build momentum for when the housing slump finally turns around. But Renita Jablonski reports homeowners aren't making home improvements beyond what's necessary, and that hurts business.
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Wine expert: boxed wine better for the environment

Dalasie Michaelis | Aug 18, 2008
From an op-ed piece by Tyler Cowen in The New York Times....

Open-source textbooks

Dalasie Michaelis | Aug 18, 2008
In response to rising textbook prices, some academics are writing their own textbooks -- for free. From an article in the Los Angeles Times:...
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