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Economies need more than just oil

| Mar 6, 2008
For many Americans, the Middle East all boils down to oil. But commentator Dennis Ross notes development lags in Middle Eastern countries. To solve the problem, they're seeking to diversify their economies.

Egyptian start-ups battle red tape

Amy Scott | Mar 6, 2008
Egyptian entrepreneurs have many hurdles ahead of them to start a business, from finding money to surviving a gauntlet of paperwork. Amy Scott talks to young business owners in Egypt to hear more about their struggle.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

A 401(k) "Margin Call"

Chris Farrell | Mar 5, 2008
Question: My former employer has gone into receivership and I was informed that they will be terminating their 401k program. I would have rolled...

Minding your own business in Israel

| Mar 5, 2008
Cross-border violence in and around Israel's Gaza Strip makes it difficult for both Israeli and Palestinian business owners to keep their doors open. Daniel Estrin reports how Israeli shop owners are coping.
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Government is unlearning from the past

| Mar 5, 2008
Commentator David Frum says that instead of repeating mistakes in response to economic slowdowns and high oil prices, we should be trying new solutions.
Posted In: Economy

China vows to fight bureaucracy

Bob Moon | Mar 5, 2008
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pledged to fight inflation and government bureaucracy, which have been pushing the cost of living up for the Chinese working class. Bob Moon reports on whether his words will result in real reforms.
Posted In: Education

Xerox shows off new logo

| Mar 5, 2008
Xerox has unveiled its new brand logo on racing superbikes as part of a multimillion-dollar rebranding campaign. But how much can a new logo really convey? Jennifer Collins reports.

Wal-Mart revamps charitable giving

Tess Vigeland | Mar 5, 2008
Wal-Mart, one of the biggest corporate charitable donors in the U.S., is changing the focus of its philanthropic efforts to target education, job training and health care. Tess Vigeland speaks with Margaret McKenna, president of the Wal-Mart Foundation.
Posted In: Charity, Retail

Expensive placebos work better

Jeff Tyler | Mar 5, 2008
According to a study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, more expensive medications relieve pain better, even when they're placebos. Jeff Tyler reports sometimes perception is reality.
Posted In: Health

Law firms cash in on bankruptcies

John Dimsdale | Mar 5, 2008
As the credit crunch continues, many businesses have to file for bankruptcy. That means that one area of business is booming: bankruptcy services firms. John Dimsdale reports on how they are staffing up.
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