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Oracle of Omaha to the rescue

Dan Grech | Feb 12, 2008
Warren Buffett has offered to reinsure $800 billion in municipal bonds to help struggling bond insurers hampered by fallout from the credit crunch. The deal would likely allow the municipal bonds to receive a AAA rating. Dan Grech reports.

The Student Loan Credit Crunch

Chris Farrell | Feb 12, 2008
The signs were there that this was going to happen. I think this is more than just reverberations from the credit crunch. When it comes to student...

A bright spot amidst GM's losses

Janet Babin | Feb 12, 2008
While General Motors lost more money in 2007 than any car company in any year, it made a substantial gain to its core automotive business. Janet Babin reports the bright spot could be due to the company's turnaround plan.
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Less duty trouble for U.S. garments

| Feb 12, 2008
The weakened euro is helping a once-punishing duty on American garments become less of a barrier in Europe. Rob Schmitz has more on how the U.S. clothing industry is benefitting from the shift in currency value.
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London too taxing for foreigners?

Stephen Beard | Feb 12, 2008
Heavier taxes on foreign-born residents in London are threatening an exodus of thousands of workers. Stephen Beard reports this might damage the city's role as a global trading center.
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Savings and Health

Chris Farrell | Feb 12, 2008
Question: I just finished graduate school and started my first real, full time job. I want to begin contributing towards retirement. My situation...

Radio has ear to ground for ad dollars

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 12, 2008
The commercial radio industry has been mulling over how to make more money from its advertising in the big push to the Web -- even when 90 percent of the population still listens. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports the election may help.

Another take on budgeting for clothes

Doug Krizner | Feb 12, 2008
Last week, Marketplace ran a story on a high-end men's clothing designer bringing down a $300 shirt to under $200. Doug Krizner spoke to listener Britt Davis in North Carolina about what he's budgeting for clothes this year.

Wheat is the new corn

| Feb 12, 2008
Last year's ethanol push made corn a hot commodity. Now, overseas demand for a certain kind of American wheat could make it the new star on the grains market. Shawn Allee reports it's also cheaper to produce.
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U.S. looks closer at sovereign funds

Jill Barshay | Feb 12, 2008
Regulators in Washington want to take a closer look at the investments of foreign sovereign wealth funds into U.S. banks. Jill Barshay reports funds usually invest in doses which narrowly avoid the need for regulatory approval.
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