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Giving in to China's digital will

| Nov 6, 2007
Two Yahoo execs will testify in Congress to their role in the arrest of a Chinese journalist. Paul Brandus reports why this case speaks to gauging the level in which U.S. businesses bow to the Chinese government.
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Diamond review system is tainted

Stephen Beard | Nov 6, 2007
The process by which the diamond industry reviews gems for involvement in conflict is under review today. But Stephen Beard reports why some campaigners feel the Kimberley process still needs work.
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A pumped-up country

Scott Jagow | Nov 6, 2007
From Hollywood to high school, steroids are more popular outside of the realm of sports than you'd think. Scott Jagow talks to Shaun Assael, author of the book "Steroid Nation."
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Investors believe Alibaba will fly

Scott Tong | Nov 6, 2007, the world's most popular business-to-business company, went public today in Hong Kong. Scott Tong explains the IPO's strong points and tells us where the risks are.
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Social network sites: A place for ads

Janet Babin | Nov 6, 2007
MySpace is adopting a program to target ads more closely to its users, and Facebook is expected to announce a plan to go a similar route. Janet Babin reports why some people might find this obtrusive.

There may be futures in diamonds

Alisa Roth | Nov 5, 2007
Investors looking to make money in commodities can buy futures contracts on all kinds of things, such as gold, currencies, wheat. One futures contract investors can't buy is diamonds. But as Alisa Roth reports, some people would like to change that.
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'Brand America' has gone toxic

| Nov 5, 2007
When it comes to the image of American brands overseas, commentator Benjamin Barber says that there's a lot of repair work to be done.

The British are coming ... with groceries!

Stephen Beard | Nov 5, 2007
Grocery giant Tesco is trying to succeed in the U.S., where many of its fellow British companies have failed. It opens five stores across Southern California this week. Stephen Beard reports on whether the company can break Britain's retail losing streak.
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Google plans to get inside your phone

Kai Ryssdal | Nov 5, 2007
Google announced today it is developing a free cell-phone software package so it can more easily put ads and services before the eyeballs of people who aren't in front of a PC. The Wall Street Journal's Kevin Delaney talked about it with Kai Ryssdal.

Price of helium keeps rising

Amy Scott | Nov 5, 2007
Helium is the second-most abundant element in the universe. But here on Planet Earth the gas is getting harder to come by. A worldwide helium shortage is affecting everything from the party industry to medicine. Amy Scott reports.
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