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Ralph Taylor

VA hospitals turn to private doctors for help

Lauren Silverman | Aug 28, 2014
Partnerships between one VA facility and private doctors are paying off for vets.
Apple retail store

PODCAST: iPad giant

David Brancaccio | Aug 28, 2014
Market Basket's CEO returns, debuting a larger iPad, and the airport stealing Heathrow's title.

Apple bets bigger is better with new iPad

Annie Baxter | Aug 28, 2014
Apple may manufacture larger, 12.9 inch screen iPads. But why?
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Harvard hangs up its landlines

Jonah Newman | Aug 28, 2014
The push is on to pull the plug on yesterday's phones.

NFL and the FCC square off over TV blackouts

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Aug 28, 2014
The FCC wants to end the rule that says games can't be on TV unless they sell out.
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Detroit Water

Donations flow in to help Detroit water customers

Noel King | Aug 28, 2014
Donations provide relief as Detroit resumes shutting off delinquent customers' water.
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UMass Lowell building

Matching roommates before sparks fly

Ben Johnson | Aug 28, 2014
How one university is using software to ensure roommate compatibility.
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The dangerous trio of twitch, streaming, and swatting

Ben Johnson | Aug 28, 2014
The same week Amazon buys Twitch, one of its users films a dangerous prank.

The first day of school is when?

Dan Abendschein | Aug 27, 2014
Back-to-school means different things in different states
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How to sell your private data - if you really want to

Sam Harnett | Aug 27, 2014
There are a bunch of new ways you can sell your own data for profit.