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Everything you've ever wanted to know about emoji

Nova Safo and Seth Kelley | Nov 5, 2014
A broad-brush look at the emoji industry – and the money behind creating and spreading the little picto-grams.
Traders work on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

These midterms mean gridlock. So Wall Street's happy.

David Gura | Nov 5, 2014
Stasis means certainty. And Wall Street LOVES certainty.

The numbers for November 5, 2014

Tony Wagner | Nov 5, 2014
Republicans enjoyed a decisive midterm victory, and markets are up.

Quiz: Taking my credits with me, I hope

Dan Hill | Nov 5, 2014
Roughly a third of college students transfer within six years, but they often leave something behind.
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PODCAST: The number to watch besides unemployment

David Brancaccio | Nov 5, 2014
Election results, and the jobs number for October.

The new common ground for Congress: trade

Kate Davidson | Nov 5, 2014
More on the two major trade deals being negotiated by the Obama Administration.
Congress, you're looking lovely today.

Lame duck Congress still has plenty to do

Nova Safo | Nov 5, 2014
The government must pass a spending bill by mid-December.
Alhambra residents vote on Election Day at the Alhambra Fire Station #71 in Alhambra, Los Angeles County.

The economics of a runoff election

Sally Herships | Nov 5, 2014
How is money raised and spent in a runoff election?

Keeping track of Ebola

Ben Johnson | Nov 5, 2014
Reporter Colin Baker talks through the difficulties of collecting data on Ebola.
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Trademark law: Why Disney is fighting a Canadian DJ

Stan Alcorn | Nov 5, 2014
A face-off is taking place between two famous mice: Mickey Mouse and Deadmau5.
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