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An UBER application is shown as cars drive by in Washington, D.C. on March 25, 2015.

Who's an employee?

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jul 15, 2015
The Department of Labor has issued guidance on classifying workers.

New Obamacare fight takes aim at 'Cadillac' tax

Dan Gorenstein | Jul 15, 2015
Consumers with pricey health plans will have to pay a new tax starting in 2018.

For Amazon, e-retail is just the tip of the iceberg

Mark Garrison and Tony Wagner | Jul 15, 2015
The online store celebrated 'Prime Day,' but in 20 years, it's become much more.
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Run the Jewels on the confederate flag, money and teens

Lizzie O'Leary and Jenny Ament | Jul 15, 2015
The duo's relationship with success has changed as they’ve hit 40.

The rules governing the Chinese stock market

Linly Lin | Jul 15, 2015
The modern Chinese stock market is 25 years old, and it's having growing pains.

PODCAST: The egg crisis caused by the bird flu

Adriene Hill | Jul 15, 2015
Janet Yellen appears before Congress, Netflix looks to China, and the bird flu causes a problem for bakers.

And the Emmy goes to ... who cares?

Adriene Hill | Jul 15, 2015
Are the television awards still relevant?

Netflix wants to be global

Adam Allington | Jul 15, 2015
The streaming service is already in 50 countries and wants to expand rapidly.

Bird flu is winding down but bakers still feel a pinch

Annie Baxter | Jul 15, 2015
The price of liquid eggs, bought by the bucket, has skyrocketed.
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Iranian oil gush could push prices down

Mitchell Hartman | Jul 15, 2015
Once sanctions are lifted, Tehran will rush to exploit its oil and gas reserves.