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Dietary update: Cholesterol-rich foods aren't so bad

Sally Herships | Feb 11, 2015
Eggs are bad for you. No wait, now they may be good for you.
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What it takes to get a soldier's boots on the ground

Adam Allington | Feb 11, 2015
A military-led operation against ISIS would require significant civilian support.

Quiz: College completion gap widens

Dan Hill | Feb 11, 2015
College completion rates for Americans with the highest family incomes have been rising, but the rates for lower families incomes have not changed.
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Boston's massive snowfall brings in business

Kai Ryssdal | Feb 11, 2015
This winter is one of the snowiest ever. and some are cashing in.
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The connection between hacking and tax fraud

Stan Alcorn | Feb 11, 2015
A flood of phony TurboTax filings is raising concerns of identity theft tax fraud.

PODCAST: First comes hacking, then comes fraud

David Brancaccio | Feb 11, 2015
NBC news' branding problem, and how hacking could lead to tax fraud.

One cost of starting high school later in the morning

Tim Fitzsimons | Feb 11, 2015
Hitting the snooze button has its problems.
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Adding up the costs of new Common Core tests

Amy Scott | Feb 11, 2015
The extensive, expensive process of developing tests tied to Common Core standards.
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In safety Rx, NFL makes high-profile recruit

Nova Safo | Feb 11, 2015
Prominent physician, Dr. Elizabeth Nabel, will serve as chief health advisor.
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