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Why wireless providers are ditching the two-year contract

Kai Ryssdal and Ben Johnson | Aug 18, 2015
Sprint is the latest to drop two-year contracts. Marketplace Tech's Ben Johnson explains why.
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A Marriott hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. Hotel demand in the U.S. is up.

Why the hotel business is doing so well right now

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Aug 18, 2015
Rooms are scarce and demand is up, even with competition from Airbnb.
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PODCAST: Elysian Fields

David Brancaccio | Aug 18, 2015
China's markets, viagra for women, and a check-in on Elysian Fields in New Orleans.

The connection between the market and FDA

Dan Gorenstein | Aug 18, 2015
The agency is expected to rule Tuesday on what’s come to be called Viagra for women.
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Bags of rolls baked by Rogers and Mazza. West Virginians are very particular about their pepperoni rolls. The original: a stick of pepperoni embedded in a roll.

Don't mess with my pepperoni roll

Roxy Todd | Aug 18, 2015
A convenience store chain learns of West Virginians' passion for the baked item.
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Target is looking to promote healthier foods.

Target seeks to reclaim cheap chic image

Annie Baxter | Aug 18, 2015
After a couple of corporate stumbles, Target hopes to get back on financial track.
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American kids receive around $4 per tooth from the tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy is getting cheaper

Marketplace staff | Aug 18, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Tuesday.

New Orleans' mayor: Storm's crux was levee failure

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 17, 2015
Mitch Landrieu talks about the need to invest in infrastructure post-Katrina.
Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) speaks during a speech hosted by the Foreign Policy Initiative last Friday in New York City. Rubio has missed almost a third of his senate votes this year.

Do members of Congress take vacation time to campaign?

Kimberly Adams | Aug 17, 2015
A listener wonders how the Senate's presidential candidates can work and run.
A recent New York Times article reported on Amazon's workplace conditions, which talked about the company's long working hours and competitive atmosphere.

Is Amazon alone?

Mark Garrison | Aug 17, 2015
Even the perks at technology companies reinforce long hours.