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When is joining a bull market asking for trouble?

Sally Herships | Jul 14, 2014
People who sat out the years-long bull market are joining in. Is that a bad sign?

Payback time for student-loan scams?

Adriene Hill | Jul 14, 2014
The Illinois Attorney General claims debt-settlement companies fleeced students
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Why is going to get a CEO

Dan Gorenstein | Jul 14, 2014
Officials hope a new manager can help avoid a rerun of last year's website fiasco.

eBay and Sotheby's join forces again

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Jul 14, 2014
A venerable old auction house brand meets online bidding.
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What brings people to cities with unhappy residents?

Sally Herships | Jul 14, 2014
A study suggests residents of Rust Belt cities tend to say they aren't happy.

PODCAST: Sotheby's and eBay team up

David Brancaccio | Jul 14, 2014
Sotheby's and eBay team up, GM pays out of pocket, and racing cars go electric.

LA Smog: the battle against air pollution

Sarah Gardner | Jul 14, 2014
How can the Chinese live with terrible air pollution? One answer: Americans did.

Women led air pollution protests from the start

Sarah Gardner | Jul 14, 2014
Women often partnered with scientists to make their case for cleaner air.

Who needs insurance? GM paying victims on its own.

Kate Davidson | Jul 14, 2014
General Motors isn't using liability insurance to pay ignition switch claims.

U.S. students outsmarted about money by foreign peers

Dan Abendschein | Jul 14, 2014
Some countries are more financially literate than others.
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