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Much ado about rusting

David Gura and Austin Cross | Mar 17, 2015
Corrosion can be costly, even calamitous.
Renzo Salazar maintains the yard around a foreclosed home in Miami.

Fewer homeowners are now 'underwater'

Mitchell Hartman | Mar 17, 2015
About 10 percent of homeowners now owe more than their house is worth, boosting mobility for jobs and reviving retirement areas.

Romneycare helps reform how doctors are paid

Dan Gorenstein | Mar 17, 2015
A paradigm shift in healthcare spending is already starting in Massachusetts.

Housing market recovery is limping along

Mitchell Hartman | Mar 17, 2015
New construction hasn't regained momentum, despite low mortgage rates and demand.
Pinterest doubles in value due to advertisements.

Female power fuels Pinterest's value

Nova Safo | Mar 17, 2015
The digital site says it has now raised $367 million, for a valuation of $11 bill
Republican congressman Aaron Schock resigned today amidst Downton Abbey scandal.

Congressman resigns over Downton Abbey faux pas

David Gura | Mar 17, 2015
Aaron Schock outfitted his office with "a gold-colored wall sconce," a "crystal chandelier," and "massive arrangements of pheasant feathers."
.Sucks causes a stir in the corporate world with companies worrying about the onset of negative campaigning. for companies

Tim Fitzsimons | Mar 17, 2015
ICANN's decision to allow all sorts of new new domain suffixes is causing a stir in corporate circles.

Starbucks leaves room for a conversation about race

Tony Wagner and Raghu Manavalan | Mar 17, 2015
The stories we're reading and numbers we're watching Tuesday.
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Quiz: Women at the head of the class

Dan Hill | Mar 17, 2015
Most college professors are male, but that’s not the case in earlier education.