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Athens on the edge

Marketplace staff | Jul 16, 2015
Greece is one step closer to its third bailout

PODCAST: Lawyers wanted

Amy Scott | Jul 16, 2015
Re-opening banks in Greece, Google earnings, and lawyers in rural areas.

Oil industry cutbacks are a drag on U.S. economy

Annie Baxter | Jul 16, 2015
Companies are spending less on production and laying off thousands of workers.

Irvine gets rid of its living wage

Caitlin Esch | Jul 16, 2015
As cities across the country raise the minimum wage, Irvine repeals 2007 ordinance.

Looking for change at Google

Nova Safo | Jul 16, 2015
Wall Street is wondering whether the company can spend less.
Posted In: Google, growth, revenue

Lawyers find success in the Bakken

Emily Guerin | Jul 16, 2015
The booming population of young men is helping fuel the need for attorneys.
Posted In: lawyers, North Dakota, rural

Ah, the smell of eggs and seaweed in the morning

Marketplace staff | Jul 16, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Thursday.
Patti LuPone gives a curtain speech following the night she took away a cell phone from a patron who was texting during her performance in the off-Broadway show "Shows for Days."

It's been a tough week for Broadway

Molly Wood | Jul 15, 2015
Plus, the first high definition pictures of Pluto.
Protesters march, holding banners and flags in front of the Greek parliament in Athens during an anti-austerity protest on Wednesday.

Greeks feel 'betrayed' by German leadership

Molly Wood | Jul 15, 2015
Elena Karanatis says the country's ire has shifted from the IMF.
The NASA logo on a protective box at Kennedy Space Center in Florida

Can private companies keep the space station supplied?

Kimberly Adams | Jul 15, 2015
Failed missions to the ISS leave NASA and researchers with the bill.