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More fracking produces more open waste pits

David Martin Davies | Oct 14, 2014
Residents of a Texas town are apprehensive about sludge pits planned in their community.
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 A cable car passes by a Wells Fargo bank in San Francisco. P Morgan, Citigroup and Wells Fargo reported earnings Tuesday that show how the "American bank" has changed since the financial crisis.

Behind big banks profits, a sea change

Stan Alcorn | Oct 14, 2014
Has 'the American Bank' has changed since the financial crisis?
BP's oil refinery complex continues it's 24-hour production of petroleum and gas at Grangemouth in central Scotland. Projections for oil demand are the lowest since 2009.

Weak demand for oil is sign of weak global economy

David Weinberg | Oct 14, 2014
What does weak demand for oil say about the overall economy?

The roar of your car's engine might be fake

Sam Harnett | Oct 14, 2014
Some cars play engine noise through speakers to give drivers that familiar VROOM.
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The BuzzFeed wizard who changed media as we know it

Kai Ryssdal and Tommy Andres | Oct 14, 2014
The woman who's credited for BuzzFeed's data-driven growth spills her guts.
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The numbers for October 14, 2014

Tony Wagner | Oct 14, 2014
Cupcakes, the cost of digital projectors and more numbers we're watching today.

Google expands delivery service

Amy Scott | Oct 14, 2014
New front in the battle for online customers: same-day delivery.
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Sherlock Holmes

PODCAST: Talking statues

David Gura | Oct 14, 2014
OPEC cuts oil prices, Google vs. Amazon, and talking statues.
 A Liberian Ministry of Health worker checks people for Ebola symptoms at a checkpoint near the international airport on August 24, 2014 near Dolo Town, Liberia.

The magic number in fighting Ebola

Dan Gorenstein | Oct 14, 2014
Healthcare workers must get the transmission rate below the number one.
 Yera Dominguez uses a credit card reader to charge a credit card from a customer for payment at Lorenzo's Italian Market in Miami, Florida.

Banks seek profits in credit cards

Tracey Samuelson | Oct 14, 2014
Many analysts are looking for profits in a traditionally dull place: credit cards.
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