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D'oh! FXX will air 552 episodes of The Simpsons

Annie Baxter and Tony Wagner | Aug 20, 2014
Yes, the FXX will air every episode of the longest running show in TV history.

PODCAST: Macy's settles profiling charge

David Brancaccio | Aug 20, 2014
Plus: pubs are disappearing and amid international crises stocks are rising.

Macy's settles up in profiling case

Dan Gorenstein | Aug 20, 2014
The department store will pay $650,000 and pledges to change its practices.
Posted In: Macy's, profiling, race, Retail

Who created that app? A teacher

Adriene Hill | Aug 20, 2014
Teachers are big creators of digital learning tools.

British pubs: popular but disappearing

Stephen Beard | Aug 20, 2014
Britain's famous warm hostelries are giving way to supermarkets and other stores.
Posted In: beer, pubs, urban planning

China levies record antitrust fines on foreign firms

Rob Schmitz | Aug 20, 2014
China levies $200 million of fines on Japanese auto parts makers.

Uber launches home delivery service

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Aug 20, 2014
Will Uber's latest venture succeed in this growing market?
Posted In: CVS, delivery services, Uber

More housing starts don't mean more first-time buyers

Scott Tong | Aug 20, 2014
What’s driving the increase in housing start? Not first-time home buyers.

Can Barnes & Noble find success with Samsung?

Ben Johnson | Aug 20, 2014
What another alliance against Amazon means for consumers.

Renewed attention on Terms of Service agreements

Kai Ryssdal and Ben Johnson | Aug 19, 2014
How Terms of Service and app permissions continue to bedevil users.