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The numbers for October 23, 2014

Tony Wagner | Oct 23, 2014
Thousands of UNC students took fake classes for good grades. Let's do the numbers.
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Patty Rhule, a Newseum employee, uses an interactive touchscreen at the HP New Media Gallery. Touchscreens are increasingly dominating the technology market.

The future of the screen is looking bright

Daniel Kibblesmith and Sam Weiner | Oct 23, 2014
Sam Weiner and Daniel Kibblesmith on a future with screens all around us.

Microsoft: a tale of three CEOs

David Gura | Oct 23, 2014
Bethany McLean charts Microsoft, and where it needs to head next.
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Online retailers like Amazon are upping the price to qualify for free shipping this year.

PODCAST: Amazon search

David Gura | Oct 23, 2014
A good week for markets, Amazon vs Google, and asking questions about water.
Amazon is hoping its search feature will compete with the likes of giants like Google.

What Amazon's earnings tell us about its competition

Nova Safo | Oct 23, 2014
Amazon is Google's chief rival in the search business.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers the opening keynote at the Facebook conference last April in San Francisco. Zuckerberg and his wife Tuesday donated $25 million to fight Ebola.

Facebook's Zuckerberg courts China in Chinese

David Gura and Rob Schmitz | Oct 23, 2014
The Facebook founder wowed his audience with a 30 minute speech in Mandarin.

Southwest tries to get back on schedule

Dan Weissmann | Oct 23, 2014
An attempt to squeeze out extra profits created turbulence.
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Quiz: College grads head downtown

| Oct 23, 2014
Young adults with degrees are increasingly moving to inner cities.
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Headless horseman

Why the VIX is like the Headless Horseman

Paddy Hirsch | Oct 22, 2014
The VIX is also known as the Fear Index. Making it perfect for Halloween

Salmon runs hit records, even as drought threatens future

Mitchell Hartman | Oct 22, 2014
Salmon are returning to the Columbia River at levels not seen in nearly a century.