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Now you can authorize mobile payments with a selfie

Molly Wood | Jul 3, 2015
Buy some coffee, take a selfie. Buy a shirt, take a selfie. Buy some ice cream...

The FCC is busy enforcing net neutrality

Molly Wood | Jul 3, 2015
The Internet is redefining all of our lives and it needs a little regulation. Cue the FCC.
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Weekly Wrap: College tuition, Whole Foods and Uber

Molly Wood | Jul 3, 2015
Before the holiday weekend, let's look back on the economic week that was.

Greece heads to crucial referendum

Stephen Beard | Jul 3, 2015
Greeks' vote Sunday may determine whether they stay in the eurozone.

Nike prepares for life after Phil Knight

Mitchell Hartman | Jul 3, 2015
The Nike founder will step down, passing on a company at the top of its global game.

Aetna announces deal to buy Humana

Scott Tong | Jul 3, 2015
The purchase price is $37 billion, creating the largest merger between two health care companies.

PODCAST: Theme park traffic

David Brancaccio | Jul 3, 2015
Shanghai's shrinking stock market, and theme parks' new attractions.
Kamil Chmielewski performs a weight-lifting exercise, as Adam Tilton tracks his actions using wearable sensors and a new program they developed at the startup Rithmio.

What's holding back wearable tech?

Nova Safo | Jul 3, 2015
The tiny sensors inside wearable gadgets still have a lot of evolving to do.

Philadelphia: the largest city to legalize Airbnb

Gigi Douban | Jul 3, 2015
Just in time for the Democratic National Convention ... and the pope.
A Wal-Mart greeter waits to welcome customers to a Wal-Mart Supercenter store in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Walmart brings greeters back to the front door

Amy Scott | Jul 3, 2015
Security with a smile.
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