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A growing number of food companies now offer “non-GMO” products to appeal to consumers who are concerned about genetically modified ingredients.

Food industry plays it both ways with GMO labels

Annie Baxter | Aug 4, 2015
The food industry opposes mandatory labeling of food with GMO ingredients, but also sees a market for products with non-GMO labels.
A still of businessman Joe Ricketts, a billionaire and active political donor.

The 'bring your own billionaire' election

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Aug 4, 2015
If you're running for president, it helps to have someone wealthy by your side.
 An exterior view of an Airbus plant.

Airbus-patented jet able to fly more than 3,000 miles per hour

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 4, 2015
You'll be able to get from London to New York in that hour.
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals' new 3-D printed pills — the first FDA-approved 3-D printed drug product.

Drug made with 3-D printer wins first FDA approval

Kimberly Adams | Aug 4, 2015
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals got the OK for its epilepsy drug.
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Composers Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna were nominated for two awards at this year's Emmys.

Sibling non-rivalry in the Emmys

Kai Ryssdal, Mukta Mohan, Tommy Andres and Julian Burrell | Aug 4, 2015
Brothers Mychael and Jeff Danna cooperate to produce Emmy-nominated music.
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An oil-worker family vows to make North Dakota home

Todd Melby | Aug 4, 2015
Kendra Hill saw only dust when she looked up her future home on Google Maps. Now there's a town there.
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Natural gas is flared off at a plant outside of the town of Cuero, Texas.

One fossil fuel won't lower its emissions: natural gas

Gigi Douban | Aug 4, 2015
Natural gas produces only half the carbon-dioxide emissions as coal, but its emissions will grow as it continues to replace coal.
A Freddie Mac sign sits in front of its headquarters in McClean, Virginia.

Flush with cash, Freddie Mac keeps paying the Treasury

Mitchell Hartman | Aug 4, 2015
The mortgage giant will pay the government another $3.9 billion in September.

PODCAST: Hiring local

Molly Wood | Aug 4, 2015
A volatile oil market, the CVS business model, and hiring local workers for local projects.

Banking on a New Orleans recovery

Noel King and Caitlin Esch | Aug 4, 2015
When New Orleans flooded, Liberty Bank — itself devastated — helped to rebuild.