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Marketplace for Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Best of OMD
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
Alpine Static

Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, September 8, 2008

Friendly Fire
Best of Willy Deville
Sonic Nurse
Sonic Youth
If It Makes You Happy
Sheryl Crow
Burning Down The House (Remastered LP Version )
Talking Heads
LCD Soundsystem
LCD Soundsystem

Marketplace for Monday, Sept. 8, 2008

Louden Up Now
Safety In Numbers-21st Century Redux
The Photo Album

Marketplace Morning Report for September 5, 2008

Greatest Hits
Neil Young

Marketplace Morning Report for September 4, 2008

The Devil, You + Me
The Notwist
Shangri-La (U.S. Version)
Mark Knopfler

Marketplace for Thursday, Sept. 4, 2008

Hair Guitar
It's All Around You
Blues Ain't Nothing
Come to Daddy

Marketplace Morning Report for Sept. 3, 2008

Sarah Vaughan
The Joshua Tree
California One / Youth and Beauty Brigade
The Decemberists
Love & Fury
The Tornados

Marketplace Morning Report for Sept. 2, 2008

You Can't Always Get What You Want
The Rolling Stones

Marketplace for Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Runners Four
One Word Extinguisher
Nobody, Elvin Estela, Freestyle Fellowship, Medusa, Abstract Rude, Aceyalone, Mex

Marketplace Morning Report for September 1, 2008

New Fast
Riding To Rio
William Orbit
Arco Arena (Instrumental)
Take A Picture [Hybrid Mix]
A Forest
The Cure
Achtung Baby

Marketplace for Monday, Sept. 1, 2008

Marketplace Morning Report for August 29, 2008

May-December [Explicit]
Mos Def