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Is Jay-Z's 'Magna Carta Holy Grail' just a big data mine?

Shannon Mullen | Jul 9, 2013
Samsung came up with what seemed like a cool promotion: give away a million copies of Jay-Z’s new album. But how it handled the giveaway got it the wrong kind of publicity.

Tax attorney on taxing problems

Kelly Phillips Erb | Apr 19, 2013
Tax attorney Kelly Phillips Erb, otherwise known as "Tax Girl," on fixing people's tax problems.
Posted In: Taxes

Personal finance in schools

Adriene Hill | Oct 18, 2013
Why personal finance classes are not mandated in high schools

Xbox's Orwellian patent, and when social media politics gets old

David Brancaccio | Nov 8, 2012
A new patent for Xbox Kinect might be trying to watch you for copyright owners, and users are getting tired of politics on social media, even though they're still posting about it.

China's toxic harvest: A "cancer village" rises in protest

Rob Schmitz | Apr 17, 2013
Farmers in Liuchong village in the Central Chinese province of Hubei are standing up to a local phosphate mining operation and fertilizer factory they blame for polluting the village's water and air, killing their crops and livestock, and leading to a sharp increase in cancer rates in the region.

Tesla asks: What's the point of car dealers?

Mark Garrison | Jul 3, 2013
Tesla wants to cut out the middleman and sell directly to consumers. But most states require car makers to sell through a dealer.
Posted In: car dealers, Elon Musk, tesla

'The Tech Sector': Growing, and growing vaguer

Sabri Ben-Achour | Apr 7, 2014
The Nasdaq is sliding and there’s lots of hand-wringing over the tech sector.
Posted In: tech bubble

Pixar: From 'Toy Story' to today

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 7, 2014
Pixar President and co-founder, Ed Catmull talks about the company.
Posted In: animation, disney, pixar

A free semester for finishing within four years

Amy Scott | Apr 7, 2014
University of Baltimore offering discount for finishing in four years
Posted In: college, graduation

A degree in hand, but a slow start up the career ladder

Amy Scott | Mar 28, 2014
College graduates who started careers recently are having a hard time finding a good job.
Posted In: career, recession



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