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The best-selling novelist you've never heard of

Kai Ryssdal | Mar 18, 2013
Hugh Howey might be the best-selling novelist you've never heard of. His self-published book, "Wool," came out over a year ago, and has made over $1 million.
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Banning 'bossy' and the language behind leadership

Lizzie O'Leary | Mar 14, 2014
Some very powerful women, including Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce and Condoleeza Rice, say calling women and girls “bossy” discourages them from being leaders.
Posted In: bossy, gender, women

Walmart promises to hire vets: What are the challenges?

Kai Ryssdal | Jan 15, 2013
Even with big promises from major employers such as Walmart, the employment of returning military poses challenges.
Posted In: Jobs, veterans, Walmart

Soil is ground zero in African farming debate

Jori Lewis | Jun 4, 2012
Ghana's farmers face tough choices in search for fertility boost.

Are wholesale clubs worth the membership price?

David Lazarus | Apr 25, 2012
More than 120 million Americans are members at wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's -- and they're each potentially saving thousands of dollars a year at the register.

Are CEOs worth 380 times what the average worker makes?

Marketplace Money Staff | Mar 8, 2013
A new viral video called "Wealth Inequality in America" has put a spotlight on CEO pay.

Laid-off teachers look for their Plan B

Chris Bjuland | Sep 5, 2012
A trip to the airport paid off for former technology teacher Chris Bjuland.

Student loans as an incentive to move to Niagara Falls

Eve Troeh | Jul 3, 2012
Niagara Falls offers to help new residents with their student loans, the latest incentive cities have offered in efforts to revitalize themselves.

Job skills by the numbers: Explore the survey data

| Mar 5, 2013
More results of a survey commissioned by Marketplace and the Chronicle of Higher Education asking employers what they look for when hiring.

Florida considers cheaper tuition for math, science majors

Jeremy Hobson | Jan 15, 2013
Dale Brill, head of the Governor Rick Scott's Education Task Force, discusses a new proposal to incentivize students towards careers with job shortages.



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