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Everything you need to know about LIBOR but were afraid to ask

Daryl Paranada | Jul 9, 2013
LIBOR is back in the headlines. How does today's news impact me?
Posted In: LIBOR, libor scandal

Saving for retirement? Don't have kids

| Dec 4, 2010
While it seems to have become more difficult in recent times to save for retirement, some people are still able to retire early. Commentator Sydney Lagier retired when she was 44. Her best tip? Don't have kids.
Posted In: Retirement

Will Netflix customers pick up the tab?

Sally Herships | Feb 24, 2014
Netflix breaks down and pays Comcast directly for faster access. Who’s next to collect -- Verizon, AT&T? More to the point, who picks up the check? Us?

Food stamps: A reporter's notebook

David Gura and Krissy Clark | Apr 3, 2014
Wal-mart, food stamps, and listener responses.

PODCAST: (Not) talking about pay

David Brancaccio | Apr 8, 2014
Banco Popular is shifting eastward from Los Angeles and Chicago. And looking at giving and taking in the workplace.

Tough Choices: How the poor spend money

Tess Vigeland and Jolie Myers | Oct 5, 2012
Three families living around the poverty line in San Diego tell Marketplace Money what it means to spend money when you don't have a whole lot of it.

Filling up the landfill, one coffee pod at a time

David Gura | Apr 1, 2014
Single-serve coffee makers like the Keurig machine are wasteful.
Posted In: coffee, K-Cups, Keurig

Fannie, Freddie to let some underwater homeowners walk away

David Lazarus | Feb 1, 2013
Mortgage heavyweights Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have announced a bailout program for struggling homeowners who are current on their payments. If there's a pressing need to leave their property, they can just walk away.

Some don't buy Arizona boycotts

Janet Babin | May 18, 2010
Yesterday Seattle city council became the latest to boycott Arizona over their controversial immigration law, but as Marketplace's Janet Babin reports, there's an equally powerful backlash against the backlash: that is, companies and citizens buying Arizona products in support of the new law.

Solar energy gains ground in Florida

Jennifer Collins | Aug 13, 2009
Gainesville, Fla. is the first city in the country to adopt a new solar incentive program, making it profitable for an average person or business to put up solar panels and begin feeding power back to the grid. Jennifer Collins reports.



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