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Nebraska Apple store is actually a classroom

Shannon Mullen | Aug 28, 2013
It’s the first student-run Apple Store for aspiring marketers, accountants, and entrepreneurs.
Posted In: apple, Apple Store, Retail

The loaded meaning behind 'What do you do?'

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 9, 2014
The Atlantic's Deb Fallows talks regional differences in how we say hello.

The heartache of Heartbleed

Tobin Low and Ben Johnson | Apr 9, 2014
A security flaw in OpenSSL could allow a hacker to decrypt your personal information.

Will drivers compromise for the BMW i3 electric car?

Molly Wood | Jul 30, 2013
The company's long-awaited hybrid has some scratching their heads.
Posted In: Auto, BMW, electric cars

Last-minute tips for tax procrastinators

Raghu Manavalan | Apr 11, 2014
April 15 is the last day to file your taxes. A few things to keep in mind if you haven't yet filed your taxes.
Posted In: advice, tax, tax day, Taxes

How 'Choose Your Own Adventure' was born

Tommy Andres and Ariana Tobin | Apr 11, 2014
The popular series turns 35 this year, but do you know how it started?
Posted In: CYOA, mental floss

Increase your gas mileage: A guide to 'hypermiling'

Rance Russo | Sep 13, 2011
On today's show, I gave Kai a lesson on hypermiling, a method of driving that can increase your car's gas mileage and in turn save you from spend...

In which the government acknowledges Google

Kai Ryssdal | Apr 11, 2014
Senate Bill 2206 was introduced last week, cited as the Let Me Google That For You Act.
Posted In: Google. Coburn

What if you could kill your stolen phone?

Adriene Hill | Apr 11, 2014
A "kill switch" on smart phones would prevent thefts and possibly save billions of dollars.
Posted In: android, iPhone, kill switch

The healthcare deadline is here. Now what?

Dan Gorenstein | Mar 31, 2014
The enrollment period for signing up for health insurance via is over. What you need to know.



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