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Less traffic for roadside services

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 4, 2008
The roads may be a little less clogged over the holiday weekend, as AAA expects about 400,000 fewer drivers. This takes an obvious toll on roadside services like motels and gas stations. Jeremy Hobson has more
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Afghanistan working to bare fruit

Gregory Warner | Jul 2, 2008
Afghanistan has an age-old reputation as an exporter of high quality nuts and dried fruits, but many orchards and a great deal of knowledge were lost in wartime. Gregory Warner explores the country's seeds of regrowth.
Posted In: Agriculture

Wal-Mart looks local to save on shipping

Sam Eaton | Jul 2, 2008
The mega-retailer is set to become the nation's largest buyer of locally grown produce with a promise to purchase $400 million worth of crops from local farmers. Sam Eaton reports.
Posted In: Food, Retail

Congress's summer job: The economy

| Jul 2, 2008
The economic stimulus was just a drop in the bucket. If Congress really wants to get the economy back on its feet, commentator Robert Reich has some summer homework for them.

Landmark lead paint verdict reversed

Sam Eaton | Jul 1, 2008
The Rhode Island Supreme Court has overturned a ruling that left three former lead paint makers facing billions in cleanup costs. Sam Eaton report.
Posted In: Crime, Health

An economy gone to the dogs

Jeremy Hobson | Jul 2, 2008
People aren't the only ones hurt by the weak economy. As finances get tighter, animal shelters are filling up with the pets that owners can't afford to take care. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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ECB firm against interest rate pressure

Stephen Beard | Jul 3, 2008
Despite pressure from the U.S. Treasury and European politicians, the European Central Bank seems intent on raising interest rates. Stephen Beard reports the bank's objective is to use higher rates to curb inflation.

A Bigger Mortgage?

Chris Farrell | Jul 1, 2008
Question: Hi Chris! (please withhold my name if you use - thanks!)... I am 36 years old and about to marry for the first time (my fiancé is also...
Posted In: Housing

You can't afford not to vacation

| Jun 27, 2008
Between exchange rates and gas prices, the economy is conspiring to keep us cooped up all summer long. Commentator Robert Reich tries to align his travel plans with his bank account.
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Iraq to announce U.S. oil contracts

Bob Moon | Jun 30, 2008
The bidding is on for access to Iraq's oil fields and U.S. companies seem likely to profit. Host Bob Moon talks with the Brookings Institute's Mike O'Hanlon about the impact the contracts will have.



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