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Carbon-trading market warming up

| Sep 23, 2008
The nation's first mandatory market in carbon starts in the Northeast on Thursday when the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative holds its first auction of greenhouse gas permits. But the bidding might not be all that hot. Sarah Gardner reports.

Many seniors are still looking to work

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 5, 2008
Because of the poor economy, many senior citizens are looking to get back into the workforce. Nancy Marshall Genzer met a few of them at an AARP job fair and found out why they're not ready for retirement.
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What's your opinion on the bailout?

Richard Core | Sep 19, 2008
We've been hearing a lot from the bureaucrats, politicians and pundits about the U.S. government's plan to restore confidence in the financial...

British PM to press for global regulation

| Sep 24, 2008
Prime Minister Gordon Brown is in New York today for talks on the economic crisis. He will give leaders at the UN a list of regulations he believes are needed for the global economic crisis. Stephen Beard reports.


Chris Farrell | Sep 24, 2008
This makes no sense....

How do taxpayers get a fair price?

| Sep 23, 2008
How will the architects of the new rescue plan make sure we, as taxpayers, get a fair price? That's what lawmakers on Capitol Hill were asking today. Bob Moon has more.
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A look at what's up at AIG

| Sep 15, 2008
AIG is facing a potential downgrade by the major credit-rating agencies, and is said to be seeking help from the government. Scott Jagow asks Amy Scott, how did an insurer get into this mess?
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Congress tackles bailout's bottom line

| Sep 22, 2008
Proposals for rescuing financial institutions go to Congress this week, but lawmakers worked through the weekend to get a head start. The budget deficit is expected to balloon. Danielle Karson reports.
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Who's going to get in line for bailout?

Steve Henn | Sep 23, 2008
What, exactly, would Treasury Secretary Paulson buy with that $700 billion? Originally, the plan was to buy bad mortgage debt from banks. But there's a push on to spread the wealth. Steve Henn reports.
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Economic worries weigh on the young

Sean Cole | Sep 22, 2008
As recent college graduates and current students begin to deal with "real world" challenges, they're also getting ready to head to the polls this November. Sean Cole reports on what they want from the next administration.
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