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Narrowing The Gap

Janet Babin | Jun 11, 2008
Retailer Gap Inc. plans to consolidate its various specialty stores into its main stores to save on real estate costs and unite its brand. Janet Babin reports.
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Class is in session, but funds are tardy

| Sep 12, 2008
With unemployment up, community colleges' enrollments are rising too. Many schools are short on funds and are having trouble handling the spike, especially in California where politicians are late in approving the state budget. Julie Small reports.
Posted In: Economy, Education, Jobs

Executive pay, again

Chris Farrell | Sep 25, 2008
This post by Nanette Brynes of Business Week certainly grabbed my attention, especially since I've gotten a number of emails from management...

Day-to-day cash flow is freezing up

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 25, 2008
Over the past couple of weeks, the interest rate banks charge each other for short-term loans has shot up dramatically. Now, rates for money-market funds -- what companies use to borrow for day-to-day operations -- are soaring as well. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Refinance mortgage?

Chris Farrell | Sep 26, 2008
Question: Yes, I'm one of those people with a sub-prime mortgage. When I got divorced and took over my mortgage, money was tight, so I got a 5 year...
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What happens if there's no agreement?

| Sep 26, 2008
Democratic Representative John Spratt tells host Stacey Vanek-Smith that the parties in Congress need to come to an agreement on a rescue measure, because, while unpleasant, it's a necessity.
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Bailout may be on an installment plan

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 25, 2008
In the bailout deal lawmakers announced today, they're moving away from allocating $700 billion in one shot, as the Bush administration wants. What will Wall Street think of that? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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GOP proposes insuring troubled assets

| Sep 26, 2008
The plan Republicans in Congress have proposed involves insuring the so-called toxic assets held by banks, instead of a straight $700 billion bailout. Host Scott Jagow asks business editor Edward Carr if that's a good idea.

Bailout bill taking shape in a hurry

John Dimsdale | Sep 24, 2008
The Hank and Ben show made an encore appearance on Capitol Hill today, this time taking their $700 billion bailout proposal before the House Financial Services Committee. Congress has many things it wants to add. John Dimsdale reports.
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For Vets, jobs are a big campaign issue

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Sep 23, 2008
Almost 2 million people have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. One in five doesn't have a job. One in four makes less than $22,000 a year. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.
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