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The bailout plan and prospects for renewable energy

Jim Nicolow | Oct 2, 2008
Sustainable thinking often requires the luxury of a long term perspective: If you don't have fuel to prepare the evening's meal, whether the...

Senate sweetens the rescue bill

John Dimsdale | Oct 1, 2008
To attract more votes to their version of the rescue plan, Senate leaders added items to the bill that was rejected by the House, in hope of winning votes. Washington Bureau Chief John Dimsdale has more.
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Inside the credit crunch

Mitchell Hartman | Oct 1, 2008
Money for loans is available; it's just that it costs a lot of money to borrow it. So, for many businesses, the credit crunch is very real. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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What do we get out of the bailout?

| Sep 8, 2008
The government's mega-rescue plan for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac boosted stock markets around the world. But what's in it for the American consumer? Will it loosen up the housing market? Janet Babin reports.
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Senate Bill...

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 1, 2008
Some of you have written to say you can't find the link I was talking about at the end of the broadcast today -- the one with the draft Senate bill...
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Europe still needs a crisis plan

Stephen Beard | Oct 2, 2008
European financial leaders are having trouble organizing a plan of action to combat the financial crisis. Stephen Beard reports the European Commission will meet for an emergency summit this Saturday.

Recession will inspire a new frugality

Scott Jagow and Chris Farrell | Oct 2, 2008
As lenders become increasingly conservative, borrowers will grow more cautious. Scott Jagow talks to economic editor Chris Farrell about how the recession will promote a new, long-lasting wave of frugality.

High food prices may mean better diet

Janet Babin | Jun 19, 2008
With food becoming more expensive, people are reconsidering their food choices at the grocery store -- and what they buy could end up being healthier in the long run. Janet Babin reports.
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Show me the money

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 2, 2008
I wanted to pick up on something from the show last night that went by pretty quickly. I was interviewing Rep. Peter DeFazio about the Senate bill...

I know who'd pony up

Tess Vigeland | Oct 1, 2008
Scott, here in Reno, I'm sure they'd be happy to lay odds on that bracket you've got below. They're eager for folks to gamble on just about...



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