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Drop in consumer spending has merits

| Nov 14, 2008
Is it really so bad that consumer confidence continues to erode? Commentator Amity Shlaes says that if consumers aren't spending, then they're saving, investing or beefing up that college fund, and that can be a good thing.
Posted In: Economy, Retail

Bank fees could get you in the end

| Nov 14, 2008
For the last 10 years, bank fees have been going up consistently. Scott Jagow talks to's Greg McBride, who tells us where customers are getting stung the most.
Posted In: Investing

Drop in exports fuels Japan's recession

Scott Tong | Nov 17, 2008
Japan is the world's second-largest economy, and it shrank in the third quarter for its second drop in a row. But Scott Tong reports the official Japanese recession wasn't directly a result of subprime.

Car makers want financial help, too

John Dimsdale | Sep 12, 2008
Financial institutions aren't the only companies poking around Washington looking for help. Car makers want low-interest loan guarantees of $25 billion to retool factories to build hybrids and other fuel-efficient cars. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Auto, Economy

Outbreak of buyer's remorse hits retail

| Nov 13, 2008
As economic worries tighten consumer budgets, a new shopping trend has emerged -- shoppers are returning merchandise to stores in record numbers. Beth Teitell says this buy-then-bring-back behavior is called "circle shopping."
Posted In: Economy, Retail

Consumer debt a new route for bailout

Steve Henn and Scott Jagow | Nov 13, 2008
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson wants to spend $50 billion on the consumer debt market as part of the bailout package. Scott Jagow talks to Steve Henn in Washington about what this would entail and how it might help.

Straight Story: A college education

| Sep 5, 2008
Some pundits have questioned whether a college education is still worth the cost and time. Chris Farrell says yes, but you need to look closely at what's right for you.
Posted In: Education

Straight Story: Look across the board

Scott Jagow and Chris Farrell | Nov 14, 2008
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson has shifted his focus to consumer lending, but not to foreclosures. Economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow we need more across-the-board solutions.

Barack Obama is simply a doll

| Jun 10, 2008
Not getting enough of presidential hopeful Barack Obama? Now for the right price, you can take a miniature him home. Renita Jablonski talks to German doll maker Marcel Offermann about his tribute to the presidential nominee.

The illicit trade of ancient art

| Nov 12, 2008
Some of the ancient treasures in museums were taken illegally from where they originated, and countries have sued to get them back. Kai Ryssdal talks with Sharon Waxman, who writes about the antiquities trade in 'Loot.'
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