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Credit card companies buckle down

| Dec 5, 2008
Hard times are taking their toll on credit card terms, including lower limits and higher fees. Host Tess Vigeland asks columnist Liz Pulliam Weston how to avoid tougher terms.

Saving homes through mass appeal

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 9, 2008
At Mary Immaculate Parish in Pacoima, Calif., dozens of parishioners are at risk of losing their homes. Father John Lasseigne's been trying to help them by organizing them to negotiate with their banks. He talks with Kai Ryssdal.
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Credit unions getting federal help too

Mitchell Hartman | Dec 9, 2008
Federal regulators will make billions in new loans available to help so-called "corporate" credit unions, which pool money from retail credit unions and invest it. Now those investments aren't looking so good. Mitchell Hartman reports.

Illinois governor arrested for corruption

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 9, 2008
Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was arrested on charges of fraud and bribery. He allegedly conspired to sell President-elect Barack Obama's Senate seat for kickbacks. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Letters: Cars, health care and Santa

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 9, 2008
Listeners respond to the proposed bailout of the auto industry, one of our guests' comments on health care, and whether Santa Claus is real.

Auto bailout has lots of strings attached

John Dimsdale | Dec 8, 2008
The proposed $15 billion bailout package for Detroit is considered enough to get the Big Three out of their short-term jam. But to convince Congressional skeptics, the package comes with plenty of conditions. Our Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale has more.
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Infrastructure is a constructive idea

| Oct 24, 2008
Perhaps the U.S. federal government needs to spread more money to the states and rebuild infrastructure to help fix the crisis. Bill Radke explores this idea with professor James Galbraith for our "What's the Fix?" series.

Where's the bailout for human capital?

| Dec 3, 2008
Bailouts continue as money pours in to fix our troubled financial markets. Commentator Robert Reich says that's great for now, but we need to keep our eye on the long-term ball.

BBB program helps Muslim charities

Caitlan Carroll | Dec 8, 2008
Since 9/11 the federal government has watched Muslim charities closely and made donating to them complicated and sometimes risky. But a new program may help change that. Caitlan Carroll reports.
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