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Helpful tax moves to prepare for 2009

Lisa Napoli and Tess Vigeland | Dec 19, 2008
Many of us are looking for helpful tax hints to make up for a dismal year. Tess Vigeland talks to Wall Street Journal tax columnist Tom Herman, who gives us some tips on moves we may want to make to prepare for the next tax day.
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More deflationary pressure

Chris Farrell | Dec 23, 2008
Deflation is still a fear, but the downward price pressure is growing. David Rosenberg, economist at Merrill Lynch, highlights changes in the labor...

A green gift in carbon offsets

| Dec 16, 2008
Giving away carbon offsets for the holidays isn't exactly glamorous, but it does help the environment. Joellen Easton reports on how the market for offsetting greenhouse gas emissions is doing this holiday season.

Finding the poetry in finance

| Dec 24, 2008
Katy Lederer found inspiration for the poems in her latest book from an unusual source -- finance. Tess Vigeland speaks with the former hedge fund recruiter about her poetry.

Wages aren't the real issue in bailout

| Dec 18, 2008
Wages and other labor costs have been a main source of contention in talks about the auto bailout. But the debate is about much more than hourly pay. Commentator Harley Shaiken says the future of the economy is at stake.
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UAW unsettled with auto bailout deal

Steve Henn | Dec 23, 2008
With a $17 billion loan package for General Motors and Chrysler come strings attached involving wages. But the United Auto Workers union isn't entirely satisfied, which could make negotiations ahead rocky. Steve Henn reports.
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What I'm doing: Dr. Tanyech Walford

| Oct 20, 2008
Family practice physician Tanyech Walford has seen her business shrink and insurance reimbursements cut back. For her, the financial crisis means closing her office and leaving L.A. Walford tells her story for our series "What I'm doing."
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Financial products need new regulation

Amelia Tyagi | Dec 22, 2008
The crash of the financial markets and the pile up of investment scams have some people asking -- Where were the regulatory agencies in all of this? Commentator Amelia Tyagi says financial products need to be regulated as strictly as the drug, toy and cosmetic industries to prevent further meltdowns.

The state of commercial real estate

Tess Vigeland | Dec 22, 2008
General Growth Properties, one of the nation's largest mall owners, got some help from its lenders this week when they agreed to a forbearance. But, such a move is rare. What about the rest of the commercial property industry? Tess Vigeland speaks with professor Susan Wachter about the rocky road ahead for the commercial real estate industry.

Are money market funds in trouble?

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 22, 2008
Money market funds, cash invested in short-term debt, used to be pretty reliable places for investors who wanted to get moderate returns. But with interest rates near zero, yields on funds are tumbling. Jeremy Hobson reports.



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