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The state of commercial real estate

Tess Vigeland | Dec 22, 2008
General Growth Properties, one of the nation's largest mall owners, got some help from its lenders this week when they agreed to a forbearance. But, such a move is rare. What about the rest of the commercial property industry? Tess Vigeland speaks with professor Susan Wachter about the rocky road ahead for the commercial real estate industry.

Are money market funds in trouble?

Jeremy Hobson | Dec 22, 2008
Money market funds, cash invested in short-term debt, used to be pretty reliable places for investors who wanted to get moderate returns. But with interest rates near zero, yields on funds are tumbling. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Valuable gifts that don't cost a thing

| Dec 19, 2008
At the height of your economic frustration, you may have entertained the thought of avoiding debt altogether by not buying any holiday gifts. Some families are making that a reality in very positive ways. Jenee Darden reports.
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Day in the Work Life: UPS driver

| Dec 19, 2008
Santa's job gets a lot easier when he enlists the help of a few tireless folks in brown polyester uniforms. UPS driver Fred Gourley says he has between 100 and 110 stops on an average work day.

In financial crisis, it's still a democracy

| Dec 17, 2008
There's been a lot of talk about how much it will cost to keep the Big Three automakers in business. But Commentator Robert Reich says there's more on the line than just money.

Mortgage renegotiations: Do they work?

Dan Grech | Dec 22, 2008
Mortgage statistics come out this morning that include numbers of homeowners renegotiating their mortgages. But are the loan modifications effective? Dan Grech reports why these loans have been criticized for not working.
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Pass the guinea pig please

Dan Grech | Dec 19, 2008
Peruvians have enjoyed eating roasted, fried and stewed guinea pigs for centuries. Now, they are trying to market the guinea pig as a low-cost alternative for Christmas dinner. Dan Grech reports.

First time homebuyer

Chris Farrell | Dec 19, 2008
Question: What is your suggestion for finding up to date information on all I would need to know about mortgages for the first time buyer. I would...
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Shrinking your gift footprint

| Dec 12, 2008
As budgets get tighter, there's a new mentality about holiday gift giving on the rise. Sharon McNary reports on the "New Simplifiers."
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Recession slows pro sports action

Kai Ryssdal | Dec 4, 2008
Professional sports haven't been immune to problems from the recession. But business-of-sports commentator Diana Nyad tells Kai Ryssdal the sports having the most trouble are the ones with the biggest toys.
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