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Take a vacation from inauguration

John Dimsdale | Jan 8, 2009
Some Washington, D.C. residents are trying to leave town before millions flood the city for the Obama inauguration. For the tourist-weary, vacation resorts are running special getaways. John Dimsdale reports.

Big Three selling jets, but just inching toward efficiency

Jim Nicolow | Dec 2, 2008
It looks like it's not just a buyer's market for automobiles, but for corporate jets....
Posted In: Chrysler, efficiency, Ford, GM

Balancing the stimulus and deficit

Bob Moon | Jan 7, 2009
The federal budget deficit for 2009 is projected to be three times the size it was in 2008. But one thing that amount doesn't account for is President-elect Barack Obama's stimulus plan. As Bob Moon reports, the deficit may limit what Obama can do to help the ailing economy.

More chronic illness in younger people

Dan Grech | Jan 6, 2009
A new study says we're paying 40 percent more for out-of-pocket medical costs than a decade ago. A rise in chronic diseases earlier in life are partially to blame. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Health

Focus on the core problems first

| Jan 7, 2009
With a new president comes a flurry of new proposals for everything from economic revival to climate change. But commentator Robert Reich warns that the core problems must be addressed if we want any other change to be effective.

Online savings

Chris Farrell | Jan 6, 2009
Question: I recently received a $25 check from ING DIRECT which I can deposit with them if I open an account in the "Orange Savings account." They...
Posted In: banking

How do online degrees measure up?

| Nov 21, 2008
As Internet universities grow in prominence, employers are going to see a lot more "'.com"s on resumes. Host Tess Vigeland asks pollster John Zogby how the perception of online degree programs is changing in the workplace.
Posted In: Education, Internet

Which plastic gives you the real deal?

Tess Vigeland | Jan 2, 2009
With credit card companies charging out the nose in crisis time, it's hard to decide whether you're getting a deal. Tess Vigeland susses through the better options with Chris Fichera of Consumer Reports magazine.

Have a peaceful, prosperous new year

| Dec 31, 2008
It's an understatement to point out that this has been a year for the history books -- politically and, of course, economically. And for commentator Robert Reich, personally.
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Recycling industry down in the dumps

Sam Eaton | Dec 10, 2008
Demand for recycled goods is down, causing a billion dollar industry to lose much of its steam. But another byproduct of the recycling industry's downturn is the creation of new opportunities. Sam Eaton reports.



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