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Where's transparency in stability plan?

| Feb 11, 2009
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said transparency would be a key part of the government's new financial stability plan. But commentator Robert Reich wonders just how much the public will really know.

No quick fix for housing market

Dan Grech | Feb 11, 2009
The mortgage meltdown triggered the current crisis we're in, so why not aim more of the stimulus at troubled homeowners? Fixing the housing market isn't going to be that easy. Dan Grech reports.
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Stimulus more psychology than theory

| Feb 11, 2009
The Senate finally approved a new version of the stimulus package, but debate continues about whether it's even a good idea. Commentator Will Wilkinson says the deal may only be useful for psychological effect, if at all.

Straight Story: Make taxes simpler!

Chris Farrell | Feb 6, 2009
Marketplace's economics editor Chris Farrell is hopping mad about the United States income tax system. Dramatically simplifying the tax code, he argues, could be an easy fix.

There's more to jobs than cash, right?

| Feb 11, 2009
As bank executives account for lavish bonus packages in tough times, we wondered if money is all that drives the American worker nowadays. Bill Radke poses the question to LA Times columnist David Lazarus.
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U.S. bank execs account for spending

Jeremy Hobson | Feb 11, 2009
Bank leaders will testify today in front of the House Financial Services Committee on their use of bailout funds. The industry is being criticized for hoarding taxpayer money instead of increasing lending. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Sirius problems abound

Scott Jagow | Feb 11, 2009
Things do not look good for satellite radio company, Sirius XM. The New York Times reports that Sirius XM is considering bankruptcy. The company...

Close check on child-product chemicals

Mitchell Hartman | Feb 10, 2009
A new U.S. law in effect today says child products can't contain more than one-tenth of 1 percent phthalates, a plastic-softening chemical. Congress passed it after last year's recalls of Chinese-made toys. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Saving more could be bad for economy

Steve Henn | Feb 2, 2009
Save or spend? Americans are getting mixed messages. Savings deposits are up just as we're being encouraged to spend to jump-start the economy. But the increase in savings could have dire economic consequences. Steve Henn reports.
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Irene Rosenfeld bio

| Feb 10, 2009
CONVERSATIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Kraft Foods Inc. Chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld.



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