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Ford bails out of bailout

Dan Grech | Dec 10, 2008
The heads of Ford have stepped out of the plan for the auto industry bailout, saying they don't need the money. But why was Ford able to jump ship and not GM or Chrysler? Dan Grech explores a critical company move.
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Obama to tackle housing problem next

| Feb 13, 2009
President Obama is expected to unveil a plan to reinvigorate the housing sector next week. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Columbia University Professor Chris Mayer about what the plan might look like.
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Measuring the success of the stimulus

Nancy Marshall-Genzer | Feb 12, 2009
President Obama says the stimulus package will create or preserve 3.5 million jobs and get the economy on track. But will the package actually stimulate the economy? And how will we measure its success? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Aid for the 'home rich but cash poor'

Jeremy Hobson | Jan 30, 2009
With retirees living longer, it's harder to make ends meet with savings and Social Security. Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson explains how reverse mortgages let retirees use the value of their home to help pay the bills.
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Consolidate loans to mortgage

Chris Farrell | Feb 12, 2009
Question: Please help... Would it be a good or bad decision to put a non-consolidated Parent Plus Loan into a home refinance? The refinance rate is...
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Weekly Wrap: Bank CEOs and Geithner

| Feb 13, 2009
News this week surrounded some very important people -- bailed-out bank CEOs and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. Kai Ryssdal speaks about the banking system with The Wall Street Journal's Heidi Moore and The Atlantic's Megan McCardle.

Whew... what a week

Scott Jagow | Feb 13, 2009
Between Congress and the Treasury, there was a lot to stomach -- a thousand-plus pages and $2-3 trillion in solutions for the economy. On...

Tanzania pays price for cheap knockoffs

| Feb 13, 2009
Manufacturers are capitalizing on the demand residents in developing countries have for modern amenities. China is exporting fake merchandise to Tanzania to make a quick buck. As Gretchen Wilson reports, these cheap goods come with huge long-term costs.

Clearing up 2008 tax questions

| Jan 30, 2009
Many people have questions about how to reconcile such a dramatic economic year as they put together their tax returns for 2008. Host Tess Vigeland asks tax expert Frank Degan to clear up some of the confusion.
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Lost for words? Try a web poet

| Feb 12, 2009
After people kept asking Danielle McDonald to pen personalized poems, she thought she could make a little cash doing it. Spend a few bucks at and she'll craft a sonnet in your name. Sean Cole reports.
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