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Advice to President-elect Obama

| Nov 5, 2008
Commentator Will Wilkinson says Congratulations, Barack Obama! You're the next president of the United States. Now, what are you going to do about the broken U.S. government? Wilkinson offers his ideas.

U.K. recession is now official

Stephen Beard and Scott Jagow | Jan 23, 2009
The British economy has been struggling along with the rest of the world, but just announced today it was officially in recession. Scott Jagow talks to Stephen Beard in London, who gives us an overview of the situation.

Give banks vouchers so we get bucks

| Feb 23, 2009
President Obama says taxpayer bucks that will go to the banks must be passed on to businesses or individuals for credit. Commentator Benjamin Barber offers one solution to ensure that we really do see the money: vouchers.

What to do with your worthless stock

| Feb 27, 2009
If you've bought into a worthless stock, is it hopeless to try to make a gain? Cash Peters went to find out and learned some valuable lessons along the way -- including not trust his financial advisers.

Price of health care plan is a doozy

Janet Babin | Feb 26, 2009
President Obama is proposing to set aside $634 billion for health care reform over the next 10 years by raising taxes on the wealthy and cutting Medicare costs. Janet Babin reports.
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Green jobs can sustain middle class

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Feb 27, 2009
Vice President Joe Biden is championing the middle class by promoting a rise in the green jobs sector. Ashley Milne-Tyte explains the correlation between the two and why green jobs are expected to grow fast in coming years.
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The Countrywide Rap

Scott Jagow | Feb 19, 2009
Countrywide's reputation is in the toilet, so Bank of America is flushing that name forever. The company will now be called Bank of America Home...

Airplane Reading

Scott Jagow | Feb 26, 2009
I read some interesting stuff on my flight to Kansas City, which I'll get to in a moment. But first, my flight. I don't fly Southwest often, but...
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What if there's no economic growth?

| Feb 27, 2009
The GDP shrinkage was worse than expected. With the U.S. economy plummeting, Kai Ryssdal speaks with economist Barry Bosworth about what might happen if we don't see the economic growth the White House is banking on.

The Housing Conundrum

Scott Jagow | Feb 17, 2009
The President will sign the stimulus bill into law today in Denver. Then, he'll focus on the housing market, with some kind of announcement coming...



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