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A school tackling life's bigger questions

| Feb 10, 2009
For people who have figured out how to survive in the recession, there are still plenty of unanswered questions surrounding life's deeper meaning. Christopher Werth visits a school in London assisting those on a soul-searching journey.

Charcoal use burns up Africa's forests

Gretchen Wilson | Mar 11, 2009
Many African businesses and homes use charcoal for heating and cooking. But producing the long-burning fuel could be warming the rest of the world. Gretchen Wilson reports.

China to U.S.: Maintain your credit

Scott Tong | Mar 13, 2009
Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao is worried about the safety of China's $700 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds. In a press conference, he asked the U.S. to "maintain its good credit." Scott Tong reports.

Bear Stearns employees find their way

Amy Scott | Mar 13, 2009
It's been almost a year since investment bank Bear Stearns imploded, leaving some 14,000 employees in limbo. Amy Scott takes a look at where some of them are now.
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The bankruptcy business is booming

| Mar 9, 2009
Circuit City is the latest example of a large-scale business closing its doors with the help of Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Bill Radke talks to Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan about the benefits of liquidation and bankruptcy loans.

Those brilliant Citigroup execs

Scott Jagow | Mar 12, 2009
Remember the big day Citigroup's stock had on Tuesday? It climbed 38%, a whopping 40 cents. Well, that 40 cents helped four Citigroup executives...
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Madoff does not pass Go

Scott Jagow | Mar 12, 2009
Bernie Madoff is headed straight for jail after pleading guilty today to the mother of all Ponzi schemes. In revoking bail, the judge said of...
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U.S. job applicants settling for less pay

Jeremy Hobson | Mar 13, 2009
Some experts on the U.S. job market are saying things have gotten so bad that applicants are willing to drop two rungs in salary and stature to get a job. Jeremy Hobson crunches the numbers and finds out why some are willing to settle.
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Colleges' tech cuts slow innovation

Janet Babin | Mar 12, 2009
With budget-conscious universities cutting funding for high-tech research, potential breakthroughs that could stimulate the economy are being put on the back burner. Janet Babin reports.

'Buy American' clause creates conflict

| Jan 28, 2009
A "Buy American" clause in President Obama's economic stimulus proposal would require infrastructure projects to use U.S. raw materials, like steel. The clause has created a gap between free-market supporters and manufacturers looking to protect domestic industry. John Dimsdale reports.



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