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Bank's cheesy solution to hedge losses

| Feb 23, 2009
A bank in northern Italy is surviving the downturn by relying on an unusual tradition. It's stockpiling Parmesan cheese from local producers to hedge against losses. Megan Williams reports.
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Obama economic adviser talks stimulus

| Feb 6, 2009
Council of Economic Advisers Chair Christina Romer co-authored President Obama's plan for economic recovery. Kai Ryssdal discusses the stimulus and its prospects for jump-starting the economy with Romer.

Microlending is no small deal

| Feb 27, 2009
At a time when many banks are reeling from the hit they took on subprime mortgages, one New York institution has no problem collecting on its loans. Joel Rose reports on tiny bank loans making a big impact.

State's obese workers face bigger bills

| Aug 26, 2008
Alabama has begun charging more for health insurance to obese employees who don't at least try to trim down. Tanya Ott reports.
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Downloading textbooks on the sly

| Sep 2, 2008
Hugely expensive textbooks have helped fuel an online black market, where students are downloading books from file-sharing Web sites for free. Katie Macpherson reports.
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G20 summit risks accomplishing little

Stephen Beard | Mar 13, 2009
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has high hopes for next month's G20 summit in the U.K., but critics say a split between the U.S. and continental Europe could result in little being achieved. Stephen Beard reports.

Facing foreclosure, some go to church

| Nov 14, 2008
African Americans could lose up to $90 billion from foreclosures, according to a recent study. As Jenee Darden reports, some predominantly black churches are offering help to those in need of a financial rescue.
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FDIC's Sheila Bair on 'bad bank' plan

| Mar 11, 2009
Talk about the Federal Reserve creating a "bad bank" to buy toxic assets from financial institutions has been floating around. Kai Ryssdal discusses with FDIC Chairwoman Sheila Bair how the plan would work.

OPEC's price hike may drop oil demand

Sam Eaton | Mar 13, 2009
OPEC will meet this weekend to discuss whether to raise oil prices and cut production. But OPEC's strategy could possibly drop demand for oil even further. Sam Eaton reports.
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Weekly Wrap: Not at recovery just yet

| Mar 13, 2009
The markets had a little bump this week. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Fortune Magazine's Leigh Gallagher and Felix Salmon from about the news that drove the markets up and what's still weighing us down.



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