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AIG shares list of bailout recipients

Janet Babin | Mar 16, 2009
Under pressure from lawmakers and the public, troubled insurer AIG released a list of about 80 firms that benefited from the $170 billion in bailout money it received. Janet Babin reviews who got what in the rundown.
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All the talk about 'Google Voice'

| Mar 12, 2009
Kai Ryssdal speaks with New York Times technology columnist David Pogue about how a new service called "Google Voice" could change the communication lines.
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The drinks are on me

Scott Jagow | Mar 13, 2009
Uh, drink recipes, I mean. Our NY reporter Jeremy Hobson forwarded a great little item in the New Yorker titled "Cocktail Recipes for the...
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AIG CEO Edward Liddy: Interview transcript

| Oct 22, 2008
CONVERSATIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Chairman and CEO of American Insurance Group

Foreclosures up overall in February

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Mar 12, 2009
A report out from RealtyTrac says nearly 1 in 300,000 homes received a foreclosure notice last month, which is up since January and since last year in general. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports where more of the foreclosures are centered.
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'Greed' is an art in hard times

Megan Williams | Mar 12, 2009
Italian artist Francesco Vezzoli has been advertising his irresistible new perfume, "Greed," in an art gallery in Rome. But the big-budget, celebrity-boosted product doesn't actually exist. Megan Williams reports.

What if Bear Stearns...

| Mar 13, 2009
Kai Ryssdal looks back at the fall of Bear Stearns and wonders what might have been with The New Yorker's James Surowiecki.

Bank's cheesy solution to hedge losses

| Feb 23, 2009
A bank in northern Italy is surviving the downturn by relying on an unusual tradition. It's stockpiling Parmesan cheese from local producers to hedge against losses. Megan Williams reports.
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Obama economic adviser talks stimulus

| Feb 6, 2009
Council of Economic Advisers Chair Christina Romer co-authored President Obama's plan for economic recovery. Kai Ryssdal discusses the stimulus and its prospects for jump-starting the economy with Romer.

Microlending is no small deal

| Feb 27, 2009
At a time when many banks are reeling from the hit they took on subprime mortgages, one New York institution has no problem collecting on its loans. Joel Rose reports on tiny bank loans making a big impact.



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