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At the corner of uncertainty and anger

Scott Jagow | Mar 16, 2009
It feels like we've reached an important crossroads in the economic recovery. Many people are fed up with the bailouts of companies like AIG. The...
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A different kind of pork project

Stacey Vanek Smith | Mar 16, 2009
Tonight HBO debuts "Death on a Factory Farm," a documentary that chronicles some grizzly practices at an Ohio pork producer. The film is giving the pork industry an upset stomach. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Posted In: Food

Straight Story: Keeping credit in check

Chris Farrell | Dec 6, 2008
Economics editor Chris Farrell sets the story straight on credit cards and being responsible with your debt.

Cisco takes on IBM, HP with servers

| Mar 16, 2009
Network equipment maker Cisco has announced it will start selling its own data center servers. Will it be able to compete with rivals IBM and Hewlett-Packard? Mitchell Hartman reports.
Posted In: Science

Are investors going to buy bad assets?

Steve Henn | Mar 11, 2009
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says he hopes private investors will help the government buy troubled assets from banks. But are investors on board? Steve Henn reports.

Getting Personal

Chris Farrell | Mar 13, 2009
Tess Vigeland and economics editor Chris Farrell give advice to listeners about COBRA medical insurance, available tax payment plans and whether you should act fast and buy a home while the price is low.

Weatherizing against emissions

Sam Eaton | Mar 13, 2009
A recent report shows that simply plugging drafts and fixing efficiency in your home could have a major effect on your carbon footprint. Sam Eaton from the Marketplace Sustainability Desk decided to put this theory to the test on his aging Los Angeles home.

Could bailouts hurt Obama?

Janet Babin | Mar 16, 2009
There's a great deal of angst circulating on AIG bailout funds going to employee bonuses, and some analysts think this could taint Obama's political capital. Janet Babin reports how Obama may be able to quell naysayers.

Abolishing death penalty saves cash

John Dimsdale | Mar 16, 2009
Several states are weighing whether to abolish the death penalty in favor of a life sentence without parole to save on expenses. John Dimsdale calculates how much states would save and where justice may factor in.
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Service members find work in business

Amy Scott | Feb 19, 2009
Thousands of men and women leave the military every year and many struggle to find work in the civilian world. Some businesses are making it easier by hiring military workers. Amy Scott visited one of them.
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