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Can those AIG bonuses be stopped?

Steve Henn | Mar 16, 2009
President Obama wants to stop AIG from handing out bonuses to executives who nearly drove the firm to bankruptcy. But AIG says its hands are tied because of legally-binding contracts. Steve Henn reports.

Fed's plan moves mortgage market

Jeremy Hobson | Mar 19, 2009
The Federal Reserve's plan to pump $1 trillion into the economy initially had its intended effect on the mortgage market, where interest rates dropped. But it also spawned concerns of inflation. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Water is the new carbon

Caitlan Carroll | Mar 20, 2009
As rain fall slows and the Earth heats up, companies have started monitoring their water usage more carefully. Caitlan Carroll reports what large-scale businesses are doing to monitor their water footprint.

Singer turns to fans to fund new album

| Mar 18, 2009
Tired of dealing with record labels, singer-songwriter Jill Sobule asked her fans to donate money to pay for her latest recording. She talks with Kai Ryssdal about what she's learned from the effort.
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Do the AIG bonuses matter?

Paddy Hirsch | Mar 20, 2009
John Carney of Clusterstock thinks they do. He's talking with Kai Ryssdal today on Marketplace. They'll chat about AIG and some other things, but...

IRS helps tax filers on 'Super Saturday'

| Mar 20, 2009
The IRS has set aside tomorrow to help ease tax filers' anxiety and answer questions. IRS employees have even undergone special training to insure "Super Saturday" is a success. Amanda Aronczyk reports.
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AIG CEO Edward Liddy: Bio

| Oct 22, 2008
CONVERSATIONS FROM THE CORNER OFFICE: Chairman and CEO of American Insurance Group

What's on your mind?

Scott Jagow | Mar 19, 2009
I have the day off tomorrow, so I won't be posting to the blog. But I have a very capable replacement - Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch. ...

Should we let the AIG bonuses go?

Scott Jagow | Mar 17, 2009
I'm struggling with how we should proceed on the AIG bonus payouts. How much time, energy and money should go into stopping bonuses retroactively...
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What's in a name?

Paddy Hirsch | Mar 20, 2009
Back in July we had a good old fashioned run on a bank here in California, complete with lines of panicky depositors around the block. The bank?...



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