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Borrow to boost credit score?

Chris Farrell | Mar 25, 2009
Question: Hi Chris: Thanks to you and Tess for your informative show. It's appointment radio for me on weekends. :)...
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GM's workers face even tougher times

| Apr 1, 2009
The Obama administration is optimistic General Motors can restructure without declaring bankruptcy. But in order to do so, its workers will have to make more concessions. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Auto, Jobs

Keeping track of the bailouts

Scott Jagow | Mar 31, 2009
The TARP auditor Neil Barofsky testified before Congress today and gave some numbers that feel like hard punch to the gut. He said so far, the US...

Don't provoke a cap-and-trade war

| Mar 25, 2009
As Congress susses out details of a new climate bill, Energy Secretary Steve Chu is threatening trade sanctions on countries that don't comply with carbon regulation. Commentator Will Wilkinson says we can't fight other countries to enforce our will.

On the investor wish list: More info

| Mar 31, 2009
The market has showed some modest gains recently. But to get the economy to really turnaround, commentator Tyler Cowen says investors need to know a lot more than we do right now.
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Let 'em in or keep 'em out?

Scott Jagow | Mar 27, 2009
There are few issues more sensitive than immigration, especially when millions of Americans are out of work. The Wall Street Journal points out...

Doctor reduces fees for laid-off workers

| Mar 31, 2009
Workers who are laid off not only lose their income, but also their health insurance. So one Seattle doctor is helping patients get the medical care they need -- without the huge costs. Ruby de Luna reports.
Posted In: Health

Mexican cartels look north for arms

Bob Moon | Jun 26, 2008
Violence across Mexico has intensified as the government has fought against the country's powerful drug cartels, often well-armed from the U.S. Host Bob Moon asks journalist James Verini what can be done to stem the cross-border arms trade.
Posted In: Crime, Mexico

Money will make Wall Street honest

| Apr 1, 2009
The administration is about to launch a new initiative to reward Wall Street executives who fess up to their role in the economic fallout. Commentator Robert Reich explains how it will work -- just in time for April 1!

Indicator says U.S. unemployment up

Jeremy Hobson | Apr 1, 2009
A report from ADP, normally seen as a predictor of the Labor Department's unemployment report, says the private sector shed 742,000 jobs in March. Global companies based in the U.S. are having a particularly hard time. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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