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Millennium Bank a Ponzi scheme

Chris Farrell | Mar 27, 2009
We had received many emails from listeners intrigued by high yields on CDs offered by Millennium Bank in the Caribbean. We didn't like it. It was...
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April Fool's confusion

Scott Jagow | Apr 1, 2009
It's getting harder to fool on April 1st because the ridiculous doesn't seem as ridiculous anymore, not since an insurance company took the planet...

Senate takes on consumer credit

John Dimsdale | Mar 31, 2009
The Senate Banking Committee will consider a set of consumer credit protections today that might be unpopular with lenders. John Dimsdale reports why consumer groups think some current card practices are unfair.

This little piggy went mark-to-market

Scott Jagow | Apr 2, 2009
Stocks are having a fat rally today mainly because of a change in accounting rules. The Financial Accounting Standards Board has relaxed mark-to...

Paparazzi paydays are getting cropped

| Apr 2, 2009
Magazines that cover celebrities aren't selling as many copies these days, and that means less work for the photographers who snap the stars' every move. Jennifer Collins reports on how the people behind the flashbulbs are faring.
Posted In: Entertainment, Jobs

How did the tax code get so dense?

Steve Chiotakis and Chris Farrell | Apr 2, 2009
The big tax deadline is a few weeks away, and the calls for IRS forms and schedules have gotten louder. Steve Chiotakis talks to economics correspondent Chris Farrel about how tax code got so complicated in the first place.
Posted In: Taxes

Baltic Dry Index and Gold

Chris Farrell | Apr 2, 2009
Is the global economic recession starting to bottom out? One indication that activity is slowly picking up is the Baltic Dry Index. In a recent...

Is Skype the next Google?

Scott Jagow | Mar 30, 2009
Tomorrow, Skype launches its new app for the Iphone, and in May, the Blackberry gets one. I don't know if the mobile phone companies are worried,...

G-20 takes shape around regulation

Stephen Beard and Steve Chiotakis | Apr 2, 2009
As the G-20 gets underway, regulation is the big theme, and countries are starting to pledge their support to do what's necessary to help their economies. Steve Chiotakis reviews other decisions being made with Stephen Beard in London.

Ergonomics rules worry businesses

Rachel Dornhelm | Sep 12, 2008
Most large businesses set ergonomics standards for themselves, but small and large businesses worry about the cost if federal standards are adopted. Rachel Dornhelm reports on a forum being held today.
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