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TARP at six months

Scott Jagow | Apr 8, 2009
The Troubled Asset Relief Program just hit the six month mark, and the watchdog panel that's keeping an eye on the rescue has issued a progress...

Dear Mr. Liddy: I quit

| Mar 25, 2009
AIG top executive Jake DeSantis wrote a biting letter of resignation to company CEO Edward Liddy. Read what he had to say.

Using technology to grow more food

Kai Ryssdal | Aug 20, 2008
Hugh Grant is the head of Monsanto, which creates technology to increase harvests. It's also the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds. Grant talks about the controversial topic of technology and food.
Posted In: Agriculture, Food, Health, Science

Why have we abandoned New Orleans?

Tess Vigeland | Aug 22, 2008
Tess Vigeland reflects on her time in the Big Easy, her emotional connection to the people whose stories she heard, and her sadness over the devastation that still haunts the city.
Posted In: Housing

Split opinions on economy may be good

Amy Scott | Apr 7, 2009
There is confusion about where we are in the business cycle. While there are signs the credit markets may be thawing, corporate CEOs are feeling gloomy. What do the mixed signals tell us? Amy Scott reports.

Withholding taxes

Chris Farrell | Mar 30, 2009
Question: Is it better to owe the federal/state government tax, or receive a refund? How much money should one aim to owe/receive when deciding how...
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Hit twice by layoffs, family gets moving

Rachel Dornhelm | Apr 3, 2009
When Yvonne and Ronnie Hart both lost their jobs in California, they headed for Houston, where family and friends are helping them make a new start. Rachel Dornhelm reports.
Posted In: Economy

Paulson's footy booty

Scott Jagow | Apr 7, 2009
Speaking of Oregon and the recession, our favorite former Treasury Secretary is having trouble getting what he wants in Portland. Well, what his...

The real cost of a golden parachute

| Apr 6, 2009
Since General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner stepped aside, the figure for his severance package has been valued at around $21 million. But Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan tells Steve Chiotakis he may not have gotten a golden parachute.

Small talk: Food, college jobs, gold rush

Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam | Mar 27, 2009
Marketplace's Brendan Newnam and Rico Gagliano chat with fellow staffers Stacey Vanek-Smith, Jeremy Hobson and Phyllis Owens about their favorite under-the-radar business stories from this week.
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