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Loan help starts on foreclosure wave

Dan Grech | Apr 16, 2009
The Treasury has finally launched its $75 billion loan modification program to help struggling homeowners, and analysts predict the biggest wave of foreclosures is yet to hit. Dan Grech reports.
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How credit cards become asset-backed bonds

Paddy Hirsch | Nov 25, 2008
Mortgages aren't the only financial instruments that get turned into securities. Marketplace Senior Editor Paddy Hirsch explains how companies make money by buying credit card debt and bundling it.
Posted In: Credit Cards

United to charge more for wide bodies

Jeremy Hobson | Apr 15, 2009
Obese passengers who can't fit into their assigned seats on United Airlines flights will now be required to buy a second ticket -- even if there's an open seat. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Morning Reading

Scott Jagow | Apr 21, 2009
Looks like GM and Chrysler are getting more money from the government. Chrysler will receive half a billion to help tie up a partnership with Fiat...

Exactly what is 'mark-to-market'?

| Oct 1, 2008
Part of the Senate's financial rescue plan would suspend something called "mark-to-market" rules of accounting. Jeremy Hobson explains what that "something" is and what would happen if it went away.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Will budget cuts make a difference?

Jill Barshay | Apr 20, 2009
President Obama is ordering members of his cabinet to trim $100 million from the federal budget over the next 90 days. Will the cuts really make a difference? Jill Barshay reports.

The Great Disappearing Act

Scott Jagow | Apr 21, 2009
If you want to see what happened to employment in America, Slate has a brilliant map that shows the progression on job losses by county. When you...

The TARP backlash is in full swing

Scott Jagow | Apr 17, 2009
Many banks are sick and tired of TARP and want to give their money back. Not only that, they're protesting the government's requirement of paying...

Report: TARP favors private investors

Ashley Milne-Tyte | Apr 21, 2009
A report says the Treasury needs to do a better job of tracking how banks are using bailout money. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will face that and other criticism before Congress this morning. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

My new T-shirt

Scott Jagow | Apr 20, 2009
I was window shopping in my neighborhood this weekend when a black t-shirt caught my eye. Since consumer spending is a significant chunk of the...



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