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An overflow of green marketing

Jennifer Collins | Apr 22, 2009
Companies are coming out in full force to show their support for green on Earth Day. But is all this green marketing effective? Jennifer Collins reports.

French protesters back to old extremes

| Apr 23, 2009
Worker protests in France have gone to extremes lately as angry employees feel they're running out of options. Anita Elash looks into the recent rise of bossnappings and other demonstrations of the French labor movement.
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Marketers build brand loyalty in schools

| Apr 22, 2009
Many marketers try to get their products into consumers' hands as early as possible to build brand loyalty. That means companies are heading to the classroom. Sean Cole reports.

The banks and jobs

Scott Jagow | Apr 22, 2009
What it really boils down to for the banks is -- how many people in this country are out of work? The banks' health is inextricably linked to the...

Obama meets on credit card tactics

| Apr 23, 2009
President Obama meets with credit card issuers today to let them know how he feels about their recent tactics. Escalating interest rates and deceptive practices are on the agenda. Tamara Keith reports.
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President Obama's overall grade: C+

| Apr 22, 2009
As the Obama administration moves closer to its 100th day, commentator Robert Reich gives his report card.

The education IRA

Chris Farrell | Apr 20, 2009
Question: My wife and I had our first baby in January of 2009 and are looking into saving for her education. I have heard a lot about 529 plans but...
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Keeping ID thieves at bay

Stacey Vanek Smith | Apr 17, 2009
Identity theft can be both frustrating and costly for the victims. Reporter Stacey Vanek-Smith visits one couple who is still trying to put their credit back together after eight years of identity theft.
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Lewis spills the beans too late

Scott Jagow | Apr 23, 2009
Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis has revealed his version of what happened behind the scenes of the bank's deal to buy Merrill Lynch. The Wall Street...

Prizes to avoid on a game show

Jeff Tyler | Aug 28, 2008
The odds of walking away with a prize on a game show are much better than winning the lottery. But Jeff Tyler reports why you may want to avoid that Hawaiian vacation and shoot for the cash.
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