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Moving stock keeps retailers ahead

| Apr 9, 2009
Too much inventory can hurt a store's bottom line, so chains like Costco and Wal-Mart have been making sure to be vigilant about keeping their inventories tight. Tamara Keith reports how this helps retailers in the long run.
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Thanks for that, Google

Paddy Hirsch | Apr 30, 2009
Marketplace Morning Report producer Rod Abid was searching for Web for information on the Committee of Chrysler Non-Tarp Lenders today. Here's what...

Personal finance bloggers check in

Tess Vigeland | Feb 6, 2009
Tess Vigeland brings back three personal finance bloggers she talked to last fall to hear how they and their followers are now faring as economic conditions have worsened.
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Going home hard for overseas workers

Scott Tong | May 1, 2009
It's understandable that multinational companies are bringing their overseas workers back home to cut costs. But for many displaced workers and their families, it's not such an easy transition. Scott Tong reports.
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Truckers want to super-size their rides

| Mar 3, 2009
The American Trucking Association is pushing an initiative to allow bigger trucks on the road. They say it's good for the planet, but opponents argue it'll hurt independent truckers. Sadie Babits reports.
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Hollywood's making money again

Steve Henn | May 1, 2009
Hollywood is hoping that X-Men Origins: Wolverine will rack in $100 million on its opening weekend. The movie business is actually breaking records, thanks to higher ticket prices at the box office. Steve Henn reports.
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Chrysler lenders oppose latest deal

Steve Chiotakis and Steve Henn | May 1, 2009
As part of its bankruptcy, Chrysler's core assets will be sold into a new company owned by the U.S. government, the company's workers and Fiat. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's Steve Henn about why a group of 20 lenders opposes the deal.
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Why Disney took a stake in Hulu

Jennifer Collins | Apr 30, 2009
Disney is taking a 30% stake in the online video Web site Hulu. What's in it for Disney? Jennifer Collins reports.

Confidence trick

Paddy Hirsch | May 1, 2009
The Reuters/University of Michigan final index of consumer sentiment is out, and Bloomberg reports confidence among U.S. consumers rose to its...

The 1918 influenza epidemic

Chris Farrell | Apr 30, 2009
I find these numbers stunning. They're from a paper by Elizabeth Brainerd of Williams College and Mark Singer of California State University....
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