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Sleep aid sales up, but do they work?

| Apr 28, 2009
Sales of over-the-counter sleep aids like Advil PM are up as more people toss and turn over the economy. But are these medications really effective? Joel Rose reports.

Fiat's Chrysler plan may be the only one

Stephen Beard | May 6, 2009
A bankruptcy judged ruled against a group of Chrysler's creditors who were trying to block the deal with Fiat. The opposition claims the plan is illegal, but Stephen Beard reports it's unlikely anybody else would offer a better one.
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Is infinite debt to blame?

Tess Vigeland | May 1, 2009
So who's to blame for the financial crisis? The finger has been pointed at everyone from Wall Street to Main Street. Labor lawyer Thomas Geoghegan lays out his theory in the April issue of Harper's Magazine.
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Confusion reigns

Scott Jagow | May 6, 2009
I've been on the hunt on this morning for an explanation about Bank of America. I'm at a loss to explain why word leaks out that B of A needs $34...

GM needs to focus on innovation

| May 4, 2009
Chrysler's sliding into bankruptcy, and General Motors might not be far behind. The automaker recently unveiled a new restructuring plan to turn the company around, but commentator Harley Shaiken says GM's going in the wrong direction.
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Morning Reading

Scott Jagow | May 5, 2009
Good morning! Back from vacation. Thanks to Paddy Hirsch for a great job filling in on the blog. I see the banks are supposed to get their...

Cramdown bill dies in Senate

Paddy Hirsch | Apr 30, 2009
Tough luck if you're in danger of defaulting on your home loan. Senators rejected a bill today that would have allowed bankruptcy judges to cut...

Maybe a textbook case for innovation

Janet Babin | May 5, 2009
Will Amazon's new Kindle boost e-readership with the promise of a larger screen, loose-leaf size and flexibility? Some may be skeptical, but the device could bring innovation to the textbook industry. Janet Babin reports.
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Downgraded bonds junk up market

Jeremy Hobson | May 5, 2009
With profits down everywhere, many once investment-grade corporate bonds are quickly getting downgraded to junk. Jeremy Hobson explores where this can hurt the economy and why it's bad for the companies involved.
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Mexico still risks future flu outbreak

Dan Grech | May 5, 2009
Mexican officials have given the OK for schools, government and business to reopen after a five-day shutdown. But whether swine flu has been successfully beaten will only be proven down the road. Dan Grech reports.
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