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Weekly Wrap: Banks' stress test results

| May 8, 2009
Reaction to the banks' stress test results wasn't as gloomy as some predicted. Kai Ryssdal speaks with's John Carney and the Wall Street Journal's Heidi Moore about the fallout from those tests.

Companies looking like boobs

Scott Jagow | May 8, 2009
Two PR blunders worth mentioning, and they both involve breasts. KFC has reneged on a coupon for a free grilled chicken meal because hordes of...

In China, not a dream but an obsession

Scott Tong | May 12, 2009
In America, owning a home is part of the Dream. In China, it goes way beyond that. Marketplace's Shanghai bureau chief Scott Tong explains.

Medicare, Social Security finance check

Jeremy Hobson | May 12, 2009
Today, trustees for Social Security and Medicare are expected to announce their annual financial report. Experts say the report will show the financial health for both programs is slipping. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Lithium can charge Bolivian economy

| May 11, 2009
Lithium batteries are used in everything from cell phones to electric cars. Half of the world's reserves of the scarce metal can be found in Bolivia, and the country hopes to benefit from its popular resource. Annie Murphy reports.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Air of uncertainty in space industry

Jeremy Hobson | May 11, 2009
As space shuttle Atlantis prepares to launch, President Obama has yet to name a permanent NASA Administrator. That's causing uncertainty in the space industry. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Here come the tiny payments

Scott Jagow | May 11, 2009
The Wall Street Journal plans to charge per article starting this fall. It would be the first major newspaper to try a micropayment system. The...

Pirate activity raising shipping costs

Stephen Beard | Apr 13, 2009
Pirate concerns are causing costs to rise in the shipping industry. Some vessels are choosing to avoid the Gulf of Aiden altogether, which could add millions to a ship's annual fuel bill. Stephen Beard reports.
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Goldman Sachs settles bad Mass. loans

| May 11, 2009
Goldman Sachs agreed to spend about $50 million to write down loans for Goldman mortgage-holders in Massachusetts. But it may be unlikely that other states will reach similar settlements with the bank. Abigail Beshkin reports.
Posted In: Housing, Investing

Health care cutting for stake in reform

John Dimsdale | May 11, 2009
Officials from the health care industry said they would do their part to bring down costs. But in return, they want a seat at the table in any talk of health-care reform. John Dimsdale reports.
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