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American Apparel suit means cheap ads

| May 18, 2009
American Apparel has agreed to pay Woody Allen $5 million to settle a lawsuit. The filmmaker sued the retailer for suing his image without permission. Sally Herships reports on whether this is hurting or helping the company's business.

Cut Chrysler dealer still has drive

Amy Scott | May 15, 2009
Amaral Motors in Newtown, Conn. was a five-star Chrysler dealer. But after finding itself on the automaker's 800-dealer cut list, the generations-owned family business has to come up with a new plan. Amy Scott has the story.
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Stress testing the Fed

Scott Jagow | May 14, 2009
A couple months ago, Congressman Ron Paul introduced a bill that called for the Federal Reserve system to be audited. At first, there wasn't much...

Not ready to retire in Sun City

Tess Vigeland | May 16, 2009
Pam and Craig MacDonald say they reside in the Sun City retirement community, but they don't live there. They, and their son Steve, tell their story to Tess Vigeland.
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Housing community has lots in common

Steve Chiotakis | May 12, 2009
Kathy Journeay, a health-care administrator near Boston, talks with Steve Chiotakis about her experiment with a different kind of suburban living called "cohousing."
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Job interview? Here's what not to do

Renita Jablonski | May 8, 2009
It's more important than ever to nail a job interview, and Seattle resident Steiner Skipsness wants to help. On his Web site, he has videos of fake interviews he's conducted with outrageous results. Renita Jablonski takes a look.
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Retirement idyll seen changing

Tess Vigeland | May 15, 2009
The vision of retirement created by Sun City may not last. Tess Vigeland talks with Kevin McHugh, who has studied the community, for his perspective on its future.
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German pension system showing age

Stephen Beard | May 15, 2009
The grass is arguably greener for German retirees, compared to their American counterparts. But it may not be for long. Stephen Beard reports.
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Here's what I'm doing: Chris Gardner

| Nov 7, 2008
Marketplace presents "Here's What I'm Doing," a series asking people from all walks of life how they're coping with the financial crisis. In this edition, Chris Gardner.
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I wouldn't pass the stress test

Scott Jagow | Apr 10, 2009
The banks are stressing me out. I can't stand all the secrecy and the magic accounting tricks and the government's indecipherable measurement...



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