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Final week: 30-day financial makeover

| May 29, 2009
A month ago, Gail George signed up to have us track her finances for 30 days. In her final week of tracking, we welcome credit counseler Gail Cunningham to analyze George's spending and advise on her next steps in starting a savings fund.

Credit is a double-edged sword

| May 22, 2009
Credit cards seem to be the scourge of the consumer these days. But LA Times columnist Meghan Daum insists that plastic isn't all bad. In fact, it's helped her through some pretty rough times.

Credit bill of rights roundtable

Tess Vigeland | May 22, 2009
So how will this new credit card bill of rights directly affect consumers? Tess Vigeland welcomes a variety of experts to sound off about the pros and cons about the new law.
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Diagnosis for Mass. health care: Pricey

Janet Babin | May 28, 2009
Since Massachusetts reformed its health care system in 2006, it's achieved almost universal insurance coverage. But a new study says the overhaul is being undermined by rising costs and other issues. Janet Babin reports.
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The unfulfilled promise of Youngstown

Amy Scott | Apr 15, 2009
Six months ago people in Youngstown, Ohio, were abuzz about the Chevy Cruze being built in a nearby plant. Marketplace's Amy Scott checks in to see how residents are coping now that GM is near bankruptcy and the unemployment rate is nearing 14%.

Social networking your way to a job

Curt Nickisch | May 22, 2009
Social networks are becoming a prime place to search for jobs as unemployment numbers continue to rise. Whether its through blogs, Twitter or Facebook, people are seeking out potential employers through alternative online sources.
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Ford going forward without bailout

Steve Chiotakis | Jun 1, 2009
Ford is planning to take advantage of its bailout-free position by ramping up production by 10 percent in the third quarter. Steve Chiotakis talks more about Ford with Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan.

Malawi finds economic success

Gretchen Wilson | May 29, 2009
Africa's reputation may bring to mind starving children or civil wars. Not political stability or economic growth. But one country is shaking off its old reputation. Gretchen Wilson reports.

Credit slows European auto production

Scott Jagow and Alisa Roth | Nov 14, 2008
In a difficult move for European car makers, three big credit insurers in Europe have revoked coverage from auto parts suppliers. Scott Jagow talks to Alisa Roth about the major effect this has for auto makers overseas.
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April Fools revisited

Scott Jagow | Apr 27, 2009
How often April Fools jokes imitate life. Or is it the other way around? April 1st, Marketplace aired a faux story about how people desperate to...



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