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Obama puts health care case on the air

Joel Rose | Aug 20, 2009
President Obama made the case for his health care overhaul to a fairly skeptical audience -- conservative talk-radio listeners. He tried to calm fears that he's seeking a "government takeover" of health care. Joel Rose reports.
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The health care debate, Taibbi-style

Scott Jagow | Aug 20, 2009
The guy who ripped apart Goldman Sachs in Rolling Stone has a new target. The magazine's latest issue has Matt Taibbi eviscerating the health care...

Another lead poisoning case in China

| Aug 21, 2009
Asia correspondent Scott Tong talks with Bill Radke about the latest case of child lead poisoning in China, and how it affects the global economy.

Rebates for energy-efficient appliances

| Aug 20, 2009
Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Steve Chiotakis about a new government program that will give rebates to consumers who buy new, more energy-efficient appliances.

Cash for Clunkers heads towards exit

Alisa Roth | Aug 20, 2009
The Obama administration says it will release plans shortly for the Cash for Clunkers program to wind down. Alisa Roth reports.
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Too many owners lead to gridlock

Kai Ryssdal | Jul 22, 2008
Private ownership can create wealth, but too much of it can bog down the economy. Host Kai Ryssdal asks Columbia law professor Michael Heller about the problems with the current property rights system.

Pay cuts force workers to live with less

| Aug 20, 2009
As the recession drags on, more businesses are trying to cut costs by cutting or freezing salaries, or by requiring some employees to take temporary unpaid leaves. Monica Brady-Myerov reports on how some of those affected are adapting.

Baby Boomers and Gen. Y share goals

Tess Vigeland | Jun 30, 2009
You might think Baby Boomers and people in Generation Y don't have much in common. But economist Sylvia Hewlett says they have similar goals, working styles, likes and dislikes. She talks with host Tess Vigeland.
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Kicking yourself over Google?

Scott Jagow | Aug 19, 2009
It was 5 years ago today that Google went public with an IPO at $85 a share. At the time, some people scoffed at the price. Today, Google is...

Quick fix credit scams

| Mar 27, 2009
Scams offering to lower property taxes or save people from foreclosure are everywhere. But what about ads promising to get rid of bad credit? Sally Herships finds out why people are believing the ads and what happens when they do.



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