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Will electricity power cars of the future?

Jennifer Collins | May 8, 2009
The Department of Energy is pulling the plug on hydrogen fuel-cell research. So electricity and ethanol are jockeying for the top car-powering spot. Are more electric cars in our future? Jennifer Collins reports.
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Bernanke's renomination eases markets

| Aug 25, 2009
Analyst Juli Niemann talks with Steve Chiotakis about how Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's reappointment nomination will impact the jittery economy, and reporter Steve Henn gauges how likely it is he will be confirmed.
Posted In: Economy

Oil industry report targets climate bill

Sam Eaton | Aug 24, 2009
The oil industry's campaign against climate legislation in Congress is heating up. The American Petroleum Institute lobbying group has put out a study of the climate bill's cost to U.S. refiners and, perhaps, consumers. Sam Eaton reports.
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Delaying Social Security

Chris Farrell | Aug 24, 2009
Question: I keep reading that for every year after age 62 you delay SS your payments go up an average of 8%. Is this assuming you keep working?...
Posted In: Social Security

Debit cards safe

Chris Farrell | Aug 14, 2009
Question: A year ago, I made the decision to use my debit card more and credit cards less. I currently have no debt - good feeling! I recently...
Posted In: banking, Credit Cards

For antique bank, time stands still

| Dec 8, 2008
The Oakwood State Bank in Oakwood, Texas has been operating the same way for over a century, without many staples of modern technology. But many still enjoy settling transactions on a handshake. Kate Archer Kent has the story.
Posted In: Investing

Big investors vs small ones

Scott Jagow | Aug 24, 2009
The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about how Goldman Sachs gives information to its clients. It says that for about two years now,...

A market for the Maserati in Wisconsin

| Aug 24, 2009
A luxury car dealership in Wisconsin is attracting some consumers with money to spend because of its sexy cars, including the Maserati GranTurismo S. Erin Toner reports.
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Austria fears Bruno's financial backlash

Stephen Beard | Jun 26, 2009
Austria is upset over the negative way it's portrayed in Sacha Baron Cohen's new movie, "Bruno." Some even believe it will prevent future investors from doing business with the country. Stephen Beard reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

What if everyone went on strike?

Scott Jagow | Aug 24, 2009
At least one well-known person is calling for every worker in America to shut down the economy for a day and send a message to the government....



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