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Investors take on more risks

Jeremy Hobson | Sep 4, 2009
Junk-rate companies in emerging markets sold more debt in the last seven weeks than they have in the last year. Jeremy Hobson reports on an increasing appetite for risk.
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Equal opportunity unemployment

Scott Jagow | Sep 3, 2009
All eyes will be on the monthly employment report released tomorrow morning. I'm keeping my expectations low, but maybe we'll see the glimmer of a...

No reason for public involvement in GM

| Jun 1, 2009
Now that GM has declared bankruptcy, the question is how much the government should invest in what may be a failing enterprise. Billions have already been spent. Commentator Robert Reich asks the question: Why?
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Fires put California budget in hot spot

Bob Moon | Aug 31, 2009
A wildfire in the mountains north of Los Angeles is burning through California's emergency firefighting fund, and putting the heat on the state's growing budget deficit. Bob Moon reports.

Where did the weekend come from?

| Sep 4, 2009
Right now millions of Americans are probably counting the minutes until their weekend starts. But the idea of a weekend is a pretty new concept. Krissy Clark reports.

Morning Reading

Scott Jagow | Aug 26, 2009
You might remember a few months ago, I attended a forum on economic blogging at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City. Bloggers such as Tyler...

What's next for health care overhaul?

| Sep 3, 2009
Health care reform expert Mark McClellan talks with Kai Ryssdal about rumors that President Barack Obama may drop the public option in a new health care bill and what's likely to happen next.
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Is Cleveland Clinic a model for success?

Tamara Keith | Jul 23, 2009
President Obama is pointing to the Cleveland Clinic as a model for how to get quality health care at lower cost. But some say the clinic's method spells bankruptcy for other hospitals. Tamara Keith reports.
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For some, beer pong stakes are high

Jeff Tyler | Sep 3, 2009
You may know it as a popular college drinking game, but those who take it seriously can win thousands of dollars at tournaments dedicated to competitive beer pong. Jeff Tyler talked to some beer-pongers in Los Angeles.
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Is E-Verify too demanding on business?

Jeff Tyler | Sep 4, 2009
Federal contractors will soon be required to use the E-Verify system to confirm their employees' eligibility to work in the U.S. Jeff Tyler reports.
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