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Letters: Education, running, light bulbs

| Sep 8, 2009
Kai Ryssdal reviews what listeners had to say about stories involving college majors, light bulbs, and commentaries about running and about higher education's placebo effect.

Google's Monopoly

Scott Jagow | Sep 9, 2009
This isn't an antitrust blog post. Today, Google launched the world's biggest game of Monopoly. Google Maps is the game board, and you can buy...

Defining moments

Scott Jagow | Sep 11, 2009
My weekly podcast, After the Bell, is now available. This week -- the lessons of defining moments. Plus, I talk my friend Allan Sloan at Fortune...

Where's financial system regulation?

| Sep 11, 2009
White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers talks with Kai Ryssdal about what the Obama administration has done so far about the financial crisis, and what it plans to do to keep it from happening again.
Posted In: Economy

The hidden costs of health care

Joel Rose | Sep 11, 2009
Those of us lucky enough to have health insurance usually get it through our employers. But that only obscures the real cost of health care. Joel Rose reports.
Posted In: Health

Water drives Palestinians, Israelis apart

| Sep 3, 2009
In the often tense relationship between Israelis and Palestinians there are many underlying issues: land, settlement rights... and water. Michael May reports.

The great American pullback

Scott Jagow | Sep 8, 2009
The amount of credit outstanding plummeted in July by $21.6 billion. That's a record. It's the sixth straight month Americans have reduced their...

Break 'em up?

Scott Jagow | Sep 11, 2009
One of the issues I'll be talking about on the podcast today is whether the big banks need to be dismantled and reorganized. As a supplement to...

Learning to say no

Scott Jagow | Sep 14, 2009
President Obama delivers a speech on Wall Street today. The main thrust of it will be his vision for regulating the financial markets, but equally...

Morning Reading

Scott Jagow | Sep 11, 2009
You couldn't make this stuff up. Neighbors say an executive from Wells Fargo moved into a $12 million Malibu Beach home after the bank foreclosed...



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