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Hollywood shuffle reflects new strategy

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 6, 2009
Universal Pictures and Disney have replaced the movie makers running their film studios with executives adept at marketing. Cynthia Littleton of Daily Variety tells Kai Ryssdal how the changes point to the studios' changing business model.
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Letters: tire tariffs, Kenya, combat pay

Kai Ryssdal | Oct 6, 2009
Listeners chimed in on our coverage of the Obama administration's trade policies, the drought in Kenya and whether we should take liberties with the definition of "combat pay."

Higher prices for smaller cars?

| Jun 2, 2008
It might seem strange, but a quick online search for cars will reveal that an SUV is less expensive these days than an economy car. Scott Jagow talks to USA Today travel columnist Bill McGee about the rising price of smaller cars.
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Survey: Workers feel jobs are stagnant

| Oct 2, 2009
Jim Davis from the talent management firm DDI talks with Tess Vigeland about results from a survey conducted by his company that measured the satisfaction workers felt with their jobs.
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Afternoon musings

Scott Jagow | Oct 6, 2009
There's no single thing grabbing my attention this afternoon. But there are some items I thought you might like to take a look at:...

A bad number for consumer spending

| Sep 9, 2009
BusinessWeek's Michael Mandel talks with Kai Ryssdal about how consumer spending is based on false pretenses.

Leafy greens that might make you sick

Jennifer Collins | Oct 6, 2009
A top consumer advocate has released a list of the foods most likely to make you sick. The most dangerous food? Leafy greens. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Blogger freebies

Scott Jagow | Oct 5, 2009
I'm having a hard time understanding this one. The Federal Trade Commission has issued new guidelines that require bloggers to disclose when they...

How bad is the U.S. budget deficit?

| Oct 5, 2009
Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan talks with Steve Chiotakis about the U.S. budget deficit, and issues we might face if it doesn't stop growing.
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Could we have handled the truth?

Steve Henn | Oct 5, 2009
A watchdog report on TARP says top officials weren't leveling with the public about the health of big banks when they pitched their bailout plan last year. But what would have been the alternative? Steve Henn reports.
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