June 30, 2014

Five years ago, 53 percent of Americans described themselves as middle class. Now, that number has dropped to 44 percent. How do you define the middle class in 2014?

And according to a survey by CreditCards.com, credit card agreements are unreadable to 4 out of 5 Americans.. Have you ever been tripped up by the fine print from a credit card or another company? Tell us your story.

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Space tourism: Still for the future, New Mexico learns

Money's everywhere. And then sometimes… suddenly… it's not.

Down in the Southern New Mexico desert four years ago, there was a kind of birthday.

Richard Branson, the billionaire behind Virgin Records, Virgin Mobile, Virgin Atlantic, christened Virgin Galactic and promised tourists a two and a half hour flight to space for $250,000 per trip.

The operation set up shop outside Las Cruces at a place called Spaceport America.

Josh Wheeler wrote about it for Buzzfeed"It rises up in the middle of the desert, almost from ground level, on the south side, then opens up with this giant three story glass wall with this giant runway, coming out of it on the other side. It's really sort of a beautiful building to find out in the middle of the desert."

Fred Martino, Director of Content at the public radio station KRWG in Las Cruces,  lives near the facility.

"When people heard about this idea, they really were excited about it. And not just from an economic development standpoint," Martino says. ...

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